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2019-2020 SCAHA Semi-Finals/Finals Status
Corona virus and semi finals and finals
Published On : Mar 13 2020 04:34 AM
To all Hockey Families, 

SCAHA has, this evening, after careful consideration, unanimously decided to call a halt to the Semi Final and Championship Series play this coming weekend. We have cancelled the remaining balance of post season play for all A/BB/B levels of Youth Hockey this coming Mar 14 - Mar 15. 

After a risk assessment regarding preventative measures to manage the spread of COVID-19, we determined that there is only one guaranteed way to help stop the spread and that is to not host the remaining weekend of play. We considered the options of splitting the event across several facilities and/or relegating spectators to a mere few people however, in light of the WHO recommendation for social distancing we determined that neither of those options met the WHO recommendation.

When we look at it through this lens, our only way to guarantee not contributing to the spread is to halt play and cancel the remainder of the playoffs here in SCAHA. Nothing we do is worth the risk of perpetuating the spread of the virus. 

Canceling the remainder of post season play is, clearly, the right thing to do and in doing so we are acting as responsible civic leaders. We have no doubt that everyone in our hockey community will agree and support this decision. 

Finally, we did discuss postponing for two weeks vs. cancelling, but we, as a Board, do not want to mislead anyone with hopes that restrictions may be lifted in time to salvage remaining games. The season is complete as of April 1 which leaves a little over 2 weeks - rescheduling is clearly not feasible.  

We will be notifying the impacted facilities and organizations to make sure we wind things down correctly.

Good luck to all, stay safe, and see you all at the rink for next season.


The Entire SCAHA Board 

2019-20 Playoff Brackets-Schedules-Guidelines
Playoff Information
Published On : Mar 02 2020 08:33 PM
Congratulations to the teams qualifying for the 2019-20 SCAHA playoffs.   All playoff pertinent information has been added to the playoffs page.  

Good luck to all participants.

2019-20 Regular Season Final Standings
Published On : Mar 02 2020 08:31 PM
The 2019-20 Regular Season final standings have been posted in both the playoffs page and the sched/standings page.

SCAHA Playoff Locations Announced
Playoff Dates and Locations
Published On : Feb 13 2020 10:45 PM
The following host locations for quarter finals, semi's, and finals have been awarded:

Quarter Finals (Mar 7-8)
10UA                    KHS Arena
10UB Flight 1 KHS Arena
10UB Flight 2 Escondido - Iceoplex
10UBB Burbank - Pickwick
12UA Riverside Ice Town
12UBB Escondido - Iceoplex
12UB The Rinks - Yorba Linda
14UA Valencia Ice Station
14UB The Rinks - Lakewood
16UA The Rinks - Anaheim

Semi Finals (Mar 14)

10UA Valencia Ice Station
10UB Flight 1 Santa Barbara - Ice in Paradise
10UB Flight 2 KHS Arena
10UBB KHS Arena
12UA Valencia Ice Station
12UBB Simi Valley - Iceoplex
12UB Simi Valley - Iceoplex
14UA Valencia Ice Station
14UB Santa Barbara - Ice in Paradise
16UA Valencia Ice Station

Finals (Mar 15)

All Divisions El Segundo - Toyota Sports Center

2019 SCAHA Select Camp Results
Players Selected to Attend CAHA Camp Announced
Published On : Dec 09 2019 05:19 AM
We at SCAHA would like to thank the players for giving their all and leaving everything on the ice this weekend.  Please visit the Select Camp page to view the selected players to attend the 2020 CAHA camp.

2019 SCAHA Financial Assistance - UPDATE
Application Information For Financial Support
Published On : Nov 15 2019 06:43 PM

The 2019 SCAHA Financial Assistance awards will be distributed no later than Dec. 1, 2019.  Award recipients along with their home clubs will be notified prior to Nov 28, 2019.

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