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2019 SCAHA Select Camp
Schedule has been Posted
Published On : Nov 19 2019 04:48 AM
The 2019 SCAHA Select Camp schedule has been posted.  Please visit the Select Camp page to view the schedule.

2019 SCAHA Financial Assistance - UPDATE
Application Information For Financial Support
Published On : Nov 15 2019 06:43 PM

The 2019 SCAHA Financial Assistance awards will be distributed no later than Dec. 1, 2019.  Award recipients along with their home clubs will be notified prior to Nov 28, 2019.

Interested in Becoming a Referee?
2019 Referee Clinics
Published On : Jul 08 2019 04:02 PM
The 2019 LAHOA Referee Clinics have been announced.  If you are interested in becoming a referee here are some clinics you can attend.  For more information contact or visit

July 20th - Irvine - Basic & Intermediate
August 10th - Westminster - Basic & Intermediate
August 11th - Lakewood - Basic & Intermediate
August 18th - Orange - Levels 2 and 3 Only
August 24th - Ontario - Basic & Intermediate
September 14th - Valencia - Basic & Intermediate
October 12th - Palm Springs - Basic & Intermediate

2019 Tier II CAHA Weekend Format
Region based scheduling
Published On : Jun 26 2019 10:49 PM

The following dates and venues have been approved for the 19/20 CAHA Tier II Weekends:


Oct 4-6: Riverside, Valencia, Vacaville and Irvine

Nov 8-10: Lakewood, Valencia, Vacaville and *Anaheim Ice 

Dec 13-15: KHS, Valencia, Riverside and Irvine

Jan 3-5: KHS, Lakewood, *Vacaville and Valencia

Feb 7-9: San Jose, *Simi Valley, KHS, Escondido and Valencia 

* = small event, approx 16 games


In an effort to address concerns of our membership the following format has been approved by the full CAHA Board of Directors for the 19/20 season:

 CAHA will attempt to schedule primarily North vs South games and North vs North at the North venues and South vs South games at the South venues. Each venue will most likely host multiple divisions each weekend.  


What does this mean for your team?

South teams: Ideally, 4 teams per division will travel North and play only North teams in 1 of the 5 weekends. The other 4 weekends you will be in the South venues playing your South opponents.

North teams: Ideally, you will spend 4 of the 5 weekends in North venues playing both North and South teams and travel South once to complete the round, if needed.

 However, based on the number of teams in each flight/division the above scenarios may not be adequate to complete the required games, but it is the intention of CAHA to schedule games as reasonably as possible based on the teams geographical make-up.  


What if there are more or less than 4 North teams in a flight/division? If there are less than 3 or 4 North teams in a flight/division South teams should anticipate playing a South opponent in order to get the required games in. 

If there are more than 4 teams in a flight/division a South team may be required to travel North more than once and/or a North team may have to travel South more than once.


We appreciate your patience as we roll out this new format and hope the outcome is a positive one for all our members.  Feel free to email me or your League President directly with questions. 




Laura Cahn 

CAHA Youth Council Chair

2019 SCAHA Scholastic Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance Program Details
Published On : May 04 2019 06:43 PM
The 2019 SCAHA Financial Assistance forms are now available. Please read the instructions in the cover letter document carefully and provide all information requested in a timely manner.  

Follow the instructions for filling out the financial aid form and send to the designated SCAHA personnel by the listed deadline.

Download Financial Aid/Form - Fill out this form and send to the designated SCAHA personnel.

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