MARCH 12, 2003





Commissioner Tony Romo, Deputy Commissioner Sandy Blumberg, Associate Director – Jerry Wilhite, Associate Director - Larry Brislin, Treasurer - Curt Castagna, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Director of Communications – Cindi Palomarez, ACE Coaching Coordinator - Larry Bruyere, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein, Statistician - Annie Fisher and Secretary - Shari Osborn



Ducks, Red Wings, Lightning, Cal Selects, Wave, Bears, Riptide, Coyotes, Sun Devils, Jr. Ice Dogs, Jaguars, Rangers, Jr. Kings, Tigers, Eagles, Senators, Panthers, Maple Leafs, Gulls, Express, Mariners, and Wolves



Dragons, Icemen, Knights, & Sabers


Commissioner Tony Romo called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.



The minutes were distributed for review.  Tim Pickett moved to approve minutes.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Tony reported that there were inquiries from three organizations to become SCAHA members.  1) California Storm current members of CAHA currently only have 2 teams; policy is for club to have 3 or 4 teams.  They are working on this prior to submittal for approval.  Representative did not come to meeting.  2) Team LA will present prior to April 1st.  Will need to vote at April or May meeting.  3) Aliso Viejo & Yorba Linda have also requested to present in April, planning on 5 to 8 teams. 


In addition Senators are requesting to merge with California Stars.  There will be 1 board, but 2 management groups.  This will be a merge of the two clubs.  California Stars had one tier team this last year.


Play-off packets were distributed, which are to be given to all teams proceeding to finals at Long Beach Ice Arena.  The packets included pertinent game information and directions to Long Beach Ice Arena.  Still need volunteers to assist.  Each volunteer will receive 2 Ice Dog game tickets.  Each participating team will receive 25 Ice Dog tickets.  Additional tickets can be purchased for $5.00.  Waivers must be signed by all players and parents in order to play in arena.  Cost of parking was raised.  Parking is run by an independent company, trying to get waiver for fee.  If unable to get waiver, cost will be $8.00 per car.  Concessions will be open; there will be vendors for video, photos, jewelry, etc.  No showers or locker rooms available.  Dressing areas will be draped areas.  No parents allowed except for one parent for each Mite & Squirt player.


Request was brought forward last month from San Diego Gulls to waive the six game rules for playoff eligibility for one of their players.  Player was cut 12/13 from AA team.  Meets all requirements except team only has 5 games left after 12/31.  Larri Woertler stated that she checked the schedule and based on her calculations the Gulls do have 6 games after 12/31.  Schedule was checked and Gulls do have 6 games after 12/31.  Request was withdrawn based on schedule.  It has since been realized that the player missed one of the 6 games due to pneumonia.  Discussion followed.  Raoul Smyth moved to grant waiver to make player eligible for playoffs.  Vote: Favor – 10; Oppose – 10; Abstain – 1.  Tony vote for tiebreaker voted in favored.  MOTION CARRIED.



Curt distributed and reviewed the current Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.  Currently have $203,000 of assets in three bank accounts as of 3/12/03.  Profit & Loss is from 7/01 to 3/12.  On budget by $600. toward the black. Third page Profit & Loss Budget versus Actual, looking for motion for amendment to budget on categories over budget.  Accounting, awards and trophies due to expenses for playoffs, educational expenses and statisticians & ice convener.  Third page proposed amended budget for approval, which includes $86,000 additional income from SCAHA playoff fees along with additional expenses related to playoffs.  Playoffs are itemized on last page. Numbers were not in original budget submitted for approval at beginning of season.  Ron White made Motion to approve amended budget.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.


Audit review of account reconciliation will be conducted at end of meeting during closed session with Presidents and Executive Board.



Sandy reported that have finished the season handling 95% of the reviews involving player conduct.  Has been a long season, lots of serious penalties.  Have made good progress.  Tony has sent email regarding player and spectator behavior for the playoffs.  Will be available if review is needed during playoffs.  Rinks will have contact phone numbers.  We could be using out of town referees, caution parents that they could be bounced fairly fast if conduct is not appropriate. 



Wendy distributed SCAHA member patches for new players.  All credentials are currently being reviewed.  Distributed list of coaches not eligible to be on bench due to missing paperwork or copy of coach’s card.  Presidents need to help resolve so that coaches are eligible to be on benches. 



Annie reported that score sheets still need to be turned in.  Games misconducts have been sent to club statisticians.  Let her know if someone has already served outstanding misconduct.



Cindi had nothing to report.



Larry reported that Wendy has list of coaches missing information.  Make sure to get in missing information or Coach will have to be on sidelines.  Masters Coaching clinic in Pittsburg in June. 



Tony reported one issue for new business that needs to be discussed.  He needs to have a report to take to CAHA Youth Council and CAHA Board in regards to Tier scheduling.  Previously sent out request for input prior to February CAHA meeting and did not receive a lot of response at that time.  Sent out again, Pam is also working on proposal.  Need to be able to go to Youth Council and CAHA Board and state that this is what the member clubs of SCAHA want.  Need to know what the member clubs want in their CAHA state schedule.  Tony distributed guideline, which he has been working on with Melissa Fitzgerald from Norcal. Pam Levin has also been working on a proposal, which has been submitted to rinks. 


Pam Levin reviewed her proposal for CAHA scheduling.  Proposal included overview of what is being proposed along with breakdown of cost and weekends.  The cost sheet sent out previously included 17-minute periods and ice cut between 2nd and 3rd period.  In order to bring down the cost have changed to 15-minute periods and eliminated ice cut.  Based on number of teams this season, the season cost will be about $5,000. per team.  This cost will be for 4 weekends, 3 in the South and 1 in the North for a total of 16 games.  General proposal has been approved by CAHA with caveat that the contact rinks are able to commit to program.  Majority of rinks have responded that they are interested.  Will be run similar to Southwest format, weekends will not be Southwest weekends, holidays, nor Silversticks or anything that would conflict with normal tournament play.  No travel expenses are going to be paid to referees; over 60 referees have agreed to participate at the going rate.  They will also serve as scorekeepers.  In addition there will be no travel expenses for tournament directors.  Will provide statistics and schedule through Sportability.  Most games will be played Saturday and Sunday some games may be played on Friday evenings.  Discussion followed regarding both proposals. 


2nd proposal would incorporate Norcal into SCAHA schedule.  CAHA has stated that they are going to do schedule.  Need to have something to take back to CAHA board indicating what preferences are for schedule. 


Direction decided upon to go forward to Youth Council:  1. Do not want it made mandatory that teams must travel up to Northern California; 2. Want the Norcal teams to come down here and play our teams and welcome them into our schedule; 3. If they have more than 1 team we would travel up north.  No specific motion made, but direction to follow.  Request was made to have motion made.  Tim Rodda moved to invite Norcal AA teams into our schedule three or four times a year and we would be happy to go up North if voluntary or if enough teams we will go up North 1 or 2 times.  Motion seconded by Lisa England.  Further discussion followed regarding motion.  Vote:  Favor – 9, Oppose – 2, Abstain – 8.


Bobby Burns reported that they would like to again be included in the SCAHA schedule next year as Exhibition Team.  Would like to become a voting member of SCAHA, but not play in the playoffs.  Continue to play out of Riverside, same format as previously.  Except would like all clubs pay for the ice this year.  Would like to have the board vote on this proposal.  Have 1 idea that they are currently working on.  They would do free hotel rooms and free ice to get teams to come up and play some games.  Tony stated that need to allow Presidents to think over and vote at April meeting. 


Dominic Menton wanted to inform everyone that the rumor that the Pasadena Ice Rink is closing is false.  The city has just approved $60,000,000. to make improvements to Civic Center, and ice rink.  The plans are to relocate the ice rink, which will include 3 sheets of ice. 



Meeting was closed except for Club Presidents and SCAHA Executive Board for review of account reconciliation and preliminary audit report.  Audit report was handed out and discussed at length.


Next meeting is April 9th in Lakewood.

Meeting adjourned 10:45 pm.