APRIL 9, 2003





Commissioner Tony Romo, Deputy Commissioner Sandy Blumberg, Associate Director Ė Jerry Wilhite, Associate Director - Larry Brislin, Treasurer - Curt Castagna, Financial Secretary Ė Lori Boaz, Ace Coaching Coordinator Ė Larry Bruyere, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein, Statistician - Annie Fisher and Secretary - Shari Osborn



Ducks, Dragons, Red Wings, Lightning, Cal Selects, Wave, Bears, Riptide, Coyotes, Sun Devils, Jaguars, Jr. Kings, Knights, Eagles, Senators, Panthers, Maple Leafs, Sabers, Express, Mariners, and Wolves



Icemen, Jr. Ice Dogs, Rangers, Tigers & Gulls


Deputy Commissioner Sandy Blumberg called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.



The minutes were distributed for review.  Todd Seidner moved to approve minutes.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Sandy reported that the playoffs had an outstanding turnout at the Long Beach Ice Arena.  Feedback has been good from those that were able to attend and participate.  The round robin went fairly smooth.  Some bumps in the road, Oxnard roof collapse, which caused games to be moved.  There were 2 serious penalties, which occurred during the round robin, hearings were held at the semi-finals and the semi-finals went off extremely well in Lakewood.  1 fairly serious injury which resulted in 1 parent being suspended 30 days from SCAHA as a result of throwing beer at a bench at the conclusion of the Midget A17 game at the Long Beach Ice Arena.  He has been suspended for 30 days because that was the maximum that could be given without holding a hearing and with the CAHA finals looming.  CAHA has since been asked to review the penalty and extend. 


Dave Monshaw commented on the parking fees, that at the last meeting it was stated that there would be no charge for parking.  Sandy replied that at the last meeting Tony had stated that he was trying to work with the city regarding a fee waiver.  The city would not grant the waiver.  Sandy stated that of all the complaints received (were only few complaints,) none were regarding the parking fees.  The Ice Arena was very accommodating and was thrilled to have the playoffs.  The kids had a great time.



Tony introduced David Bigelow of the Yorba Linda Ice Palace, in affiliation with the Aliso Viejo Ice Palace.  They are petitioning to become a member of SCAHA for the upcoming 2003 Ė 2004 season.  The team name will be Yorba Linda Blackhawks.  They are projecting that they will have 5 to 6 teams within the Mite through Bantam range.  It was stated that if passed the club would be on probation for the first year.  Tony reminded everyone that the probation status can be removed by December by the SCAHA Executive Board and the teams would be eligible to participate in playoffs if all other requirements are met.


Joyce Udell moved to admit the Yorba Linda Blackhawks into SCAHA.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.                    


No other petitions to date have been received.  Petitions must have been received by April 1st for consideration.


Bob Doherty inquired regarding Block Recruitment.  This year the block recruitment was handled from President to President, will that be handled the same way next season.  Tony stated these rules would need to be addressed. At the beginning of the year the Presidents wanted to handle amongst themselves.  After a few different occasions of it happening it didnít seem like it was a good idea.  The rule will need to be revisited. 


Jerry Wilhite inquired status of the Brick team and Team LA, they have been advertising that they have a CAHA number and as of today they donít.  They are not a CAHA approved club.  It was stated that the rink has a CAHA number and that they may have aligned it with the rink.  Jerry replied that yes, the Westminster rink has a number but Team LA does not. 


In the past the Brick team has been a team represented basically by the league affiliated all star team, which at that time was the Kings, who have disbanded.  If they donít have a CAHA number, how are they representing Southern California Hockey in the Brick Tournament?  Tony stated that the first he had heard about them being sanctioned by CAHA was today.  The Brick Tournament is 1st year Squirt and 2nd year Mites held in Edmonton, a big tournament that the league every year was sending a team to participate.  Tryouts were held and special team was selected.  Tony made contact this year with the tournament director, their agreement in the tournament is with Andy Cohen and with the team that Andy brings.  The kids are competitive, the parents are well behaved and the coaches do a good job so they had already made the agreement with Andy for this year so they were going to honor that agreement.  These agreements are for 3-year commitment.  This is the 3rd year of that commitment for Andy.  He just wants to be sure he gets competitive well-behaved players, coaches and parents.  The tournament director was notified that Andy wasnít representing the league anymore but he was representing another independent team within the league and the tournament director was not concerned with that.  Next year they would be willing to open it up and receive input from the league.  Next year he said SCAHA could apply and they would make a decision whether SCAHA would be selected to send a representative team. Jerry stated that people need to know that this is not a league-affiliated team. We need to state to SCAHA members that this yearsí Brick tournament is not affiliated with the SCAHA league.  Members perceive it as a league affiliated club and if they have issues or internal problems the league will not have any responsibility over it.  It was also suggested that SCAHA should make a statement that Team LA is an independent organization.  There are others also putting together special teams that SCAHA is not affiliated with.  Statement has previously been put up on the website stating that the teams are not affiliated with SCAHA. 




Curt distributed and reviewed the current Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.  Profit & Loss is from 7/01 to 4/09.  Within budget have some additional expenses for the playoffs that havenít yet been received including ice bills.  Banner, trophies and patches have all been paid.  Also distributed for review (as per request of Valerie at the last meeting,) the listing of checks and deposits run through the SCAHA accounts since July.  Also distributed for review was the listing of the 4 bank accounts from the period 1998 Ė 2002.  These 4 bank accounts were opened during 1998 Ė 2002, money that was not accounted for in the tax returns during the 4-year period.  That is the issue before the Board today. A print out was passed around of the same four year period for what was then called the Tier I budget line item in the SCAHA account that were reported in the tax returns. 


Renewal was received in the mail for the D&O insurance in the amount of $450.  Spoke with the insurance company, we are in good standing and we will be renewing trying to raise the limit from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 for an additional $150.  We will have the same crime policy as last year, which is another $130.  Update on the accounting situation, as stated in last months meeting there would be a need for additional expenses to go through the four years and reconcile with the IRS.  Another engagement letter was received to go to the next process for the four years (98-02)  $5,700 to reconcile those tax returns and approximately another $2,700 to have them escort us through the appeal process with the IRS.  Last month an increase in the accounting budget of $5,000. was approved.  We are about $3,300 below budget, requesting that it be raised about another $5,000 just to get through the process.  The accounting process still hasnít been reconciled with the IRS nor with the legal advisors.  Further discussion followed regarding the best way to proceed legally.  Curt stated that he did speak with the Risk Manager with USA Hockey.  His only suggestion was to make sure that D&O insurance is valid and that there is a clause in the USA Hockey guide, which he recommend that we evaluate, that basically indemnifies any volunteer, that is a member organization of SCAHA if they were to do something on their team and how they manage money, it would indemnify the league.  This is something we may want to evaluate and have the attorney review along with our bylaws.  Question was asked if any money had been budgeted for legal fees.  At this time no monies have been budgeted for legal fees.  The additional $5,000 being requested at this point is for the accounting fees.  We may want to add at least $5,000 for legal retainer fees.  Bob Doherty moved to amend budget by $15,000, $5,000 for accounting and $10,000 for attorney fees.  Discussion followed regarding the need for legal assistance.  There is concern regarding the protection of the non-profit status and need for representative with meeting with the IRS.  The Executive Committee will interview candidates and report back to the board.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Copy of letter from Bobby Burns Ė Las Vegas Outlaws was distributed.  Bobby reviewed the letter.  The 1st paragraph is to say thank you for what SCAHA has done for the Outlaws.  The 2nd paragraph discusses why they prefer to stay Exhibition status.  They have concerns that if they were to have a team advance to playoffs that would involve more weekends than they prefer to travel.  The 3rd paragraph again relates to less travel due to the fact that they would have to travel to all the rinks versus just Riverside.  The last paragraph again discusses playoffs, last year there were issues and that if they advance to the playoffs they could knock out a SCAHA team from going to States.  It was also discussed last year that the scheduling would be too difficult.  The Outlaws paid last year $4,000 extra to pay for scheduling.  This year they are proposing that they would like to still participate as an exhibition team, pay for the ice and have the visiting team pay for referees and not pay $4,000 for scheduling.  They would still pay $27. registration fee for player.  They would like to be voting member; they feel that the decisions made affect them.  They just want to be excluded from the playoffs and having to participate every weekend. 


Larry Bruyere moved to allow Las Vegas Outlaws to play as they have for the last 2 years in Riverside paying for the ice, while we pay for the officials and be allowed to become a voting member and pay registration fee of $35. for each player.  MOTION WAS SECONDED.  Discussion followed regarding just admitting them into the league, have the games count and be playoff eligible.  Bobby stated that at their last board meeting it was decided it would be best for them to stay exhibition, some of the teams do not want to travel as much.  They could come down 3-4 times, because they are not obligated to play everyone in each division as exhibition.  If they are in the league and have to play in the playoffs, would create too many weekends of obligation. They are unable to come down and play every weekend.  Question was brought forth as to reason for requesting voting privilege.  Response was that the Outlaws Board felt that the decisions made by the SCAHA Board also affect the Outlaws.  If itís an issue they can remove that part of their request.  Larry amended his motion to two motions. 


The 1st motion is to allow Las Vegas Outlaws to continue as exhibition team, with teams opting to play them as last year, pay for ice in Riverside, registration fee of $35. and Southern California teams would pay for referees. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.


The 2nd motion is to allow Las Vegas Outlaws voting rights.  It was stated that in our guidebook that if you are a voting member then you are a member club and not an exhibition club.  The rules can be amended if necessary. Discussion followed of the proper procedure to change the rule.  It was determined that there would need to be a change to the bylaws.  Tony stated that he would squash the motion as per Curtís request.  It needs to be presented to the Executive Committee a minimum of 30 days prior to any vote to adopt said proposal.  It will need to be presented in writing, then reviewed by the Executive Committee and then voted at the following Board Meeting. 



Wendy reported that the delinquency list information has been forwarded to Registrars and Club Presidents.  All letters should be out to delinquent families.  If you are rolling over any from the previous year, send an additional letter and notify Wendy.  Needs to have by mid April, so delinquency list can be distributed to the clubs the 1st week in May, weekly updates will follow.  Will need to notify of when players have cleared, just make sure not to clear until the check has cleared.  This year siblings have been added, both players will be on list if one is delinquent. This is the first year for this new rule, which was adopted last year.



Tony stated that special teams and summer programs are starting.  There is some vagueness to the rule to tryout for a team.  Based on the rulebook you cannot try out for a team and get a release for a tryout, we have been having you guys write letters that allow the kids to go tryout before May 1st.  We need to work on this in the rules for next year.  We have been getting a lot of questions.  Wendy stated that she has been accepting emails from clubs which list the different programs a player is going to try out for, as long as it says the players name and that their financially clear from the club and they send Wendy a copy, she has been using that as the temporary release for just this part of the season if they are finished with playoffs.  The issue was brought forth, that some of these special teams are not requesting releases from the players prior to the May 1st.  After May 1st they donít need a release, but the delinquency list needs to be checked.  The agreement is that if they have a delinquency, you donít let them on the ice.  The release right now is allowing you to put them on the ice and we are saying that they are paid up with us.  Question was posed that some special teams are not requesting the releases, are there repercussions for the teams not requesting temporary releases from the players?  At this time there is no penalty for this and it does need to be addressed.  If you know that one of your players who are delinquent is skating with one of these special teams, contact USA Hockey and they will remove them from the roster until they are free and clear.  Tony requested volunteers for the rules committee; they will sit on the committee to make recommendations to make amendments to the rulebook. 


Rules Committee:  Raoul Smyth, Dave Paulsen, Larry Bruyere, Lisa England, Larry Brislin & Sandy Blumberg.  Sandy will be the Chair for the committee.



Annie reported that the final penalty minute reports have been distributed.  Final misconduct report will be distributed next week after CAHA.  Email was sent out that stat books would be ready by the end of April, if you want to order additional books will need to know by April 16.  Needs to know if you want patches sent to the individual players or to the club, she should have the patches by next week.  Requested a vote if the clubs want to open up the stats to the public on sportability on April 16.  Discussion followed regarding opening up sportability to the public.  It was suggested to open sportability and not issue the stats books.  Todd Seidner moved to open sportability, if playoff information is available then do not issue books, if playoff information is not available clubs will receive one book.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Nothing to report.



Larry nothing from the coaching level.  Introduced Dave Marzullo who will be the new Valencia Express President.



Lisa England passed around a flyer received from the Red Cross.  It is regarding an outreach program, which accepts monetary donations to assist families of military service personnel or puts together care packages.  Lisa would like to head up a committee to assist with this program.  Tony requested that everyone speak with their clubs and give them heads up so that when the rest of the information comes forward we could look in to helping with this program.


Jerry Wilhite reported the nominations for the CAHA Board are upcoming.  There are 10 member nominations for the board effective April 1st.  There will be 10 positions available on the Board.  It is important to make sure that there is representation from Southern California that will support Southern California hockey.  Jerry distributed a current listing of the board indicating which terms were coming up.  Let Jerry know if there is anyone interested in running.  Strongly suggest that we get 6-8 people that will have SCAHA interest and the interest of our kids in Southern California.  President is voted on by the CAHA board, but we need to come up with a list of people and put our votes to work the best way to represent us throughout the year. 


Tony reported that the Executive Committee met after the last meeting and decided that it would be necessary to suspend one person indefinitely and accept the resignation of another individual.  The purpose of the suspension was to protect the board.  The investigation is still ongoing. Jerry stated that there are two issues, you have one with one person who was directly involved and another issue with a person who says that they werenít directly involved, but you have emails that show they were directly involved in a supervisory capacity.  Based on the information that was presented the decision was made unanimously. 


CAHA is looking for the SCAHA Board to ratify this so that they can process it.  The Executive Board has asked that CAHA uphold the decision.  USA Hockey isnít going to deal with it until CAHA deals with it and CAHA will not go forward until we ratify it as a board.  Curt stated that the message that needs to go to CAHA is that the full board acknowledge and ratifies the suspension and the resignation.  Tony stated that the resignation received was accepted and acknowledged by the Executive Board.  The resignation stated that he would no longer participate as a Board Member, a Manager, or any role with fiduciary responsibility.  Discussion followed regarding the definition of indefinite suspension, indefinite was to give time for the accountants to complete review and for attorneys to advise on best way to proceed. Mike Jolicouer moved to ratify decision made by SCAHA Executive Board decision on suspension.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND MOVED.


Next meeting is May 21st in Lakewood.


Meeting adjourned 10:15 pm.