MAY 21, 2003



Commissioner Tony Romo, Deputy Commissioner Sandy Blumberg, Associate Director – Jerry Wilhite, Treasurer - Curt Castagna, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Director of Communications - Cindi Palomarez, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein, Statistician - Annie Fisher and Secretary - Shari Osborn 


Ducks, Red Wings, Lightning, Wave, Riptide, Sun Devils, Jr. Ice Dogs, Rangers, Jaguars, Jr. Kings, Knights, Tigers, Panthers, Gulls, Express, Mariners, Wolves and Blackhawks 


Dragons, Bears, Coyotes, Icemen, Eagles, Senators, Maple Leafs & Sabers 

Commissioner Tony Romo called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. 


The minutes were distributed for review. Lisa England moved to approve minutes. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 


Pamphlet from NHL A.s.s.i.s.t. program was distributed. Grant deadline is 6/20/03. $100,000 is awarded yearly. Information can also be obtained from  


Curt distributed for review the current Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss. Balance sheet reflects cash on hand $209,818 as of 5/21/03. No projected large expenses for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends June 30th. The only anticipated fees are those associated with legal and accounting process. Profit & Loss reflects total amount of income and expenses for the year, which reflect net retained earning of $7300. Last page reflects Profit & Loss compared against budget. Fines and penalties were below budget. Interest income was also down due to market conditions. Registration fees have been reconciled – over payments have been returned to clubs. Those who still owe fees have been notified. Playoffs were a wash, Income and Expenses on budget. Education clinic was budgeted for $750, actual expense was $1260. due to Ace Coaching Coordinator program (Coordinator Books.) Also distributed was the current breakdown of deposit and check detail. Majority of checks written were for playoff and reimbursements to clubs for registration fees. 

To prepare for next season Letters of Intent will be printed and made available in June prior to tryouts so that expense may take place this fiscal year, which would impact this budget. At the next meeting in June will have a budget to approve for next season.

Dave Monshaw has made a request to purchase software program to assist with Ice Convening. Cost of program is approximately $75.00 plus tax, shipping and handling. Dave Bigelow moved to approve purchase of software to assist with scheduling. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 


Jim Carroll of the Lake Arrowhead Rangers reported that the Rangers are merging with the California Stars to form the California Stars Hockey Club. They will be skating out of Ontario Center Ice. Anticipate having Mite through Midget plus Tier program. Pat Carrigan will be the President of the club and the Ranger Board will be merging with the Stars Board for the first season.  

Teri Glasseau was present to petition for Team LA to become SCAHA members. Distributed for review was their proposed budget, 501C application, listing of Board of Directors, Articles of Incorporation and Club Bylaws. CAHA membership application has been submitted. Discussion followed regarding petition and questions were answered. Dave Bigelow moved to defer and come back next month with proper documentation. It was also stated that more questions would need to be answered. Jerry Wilhite requested that a change be made to the motion for them to apply for next year so that they fall within the application deadline of 4/01. After further discussion Dave Bigelow withdrew his motion. John Devereaux moved to approve to allow them into the league. Ron White seconded the motion. Vote: Yes – 3; No – 15; Abstain – 0; MOTION DID NOT CARRY. 


Wendy reported that Delinquency List #4 would be distributed tomorrow by email. There are currently 190 players on the list. 33 players have cleared. Registrars training meeting for USA Hockey, CAHA & SCAHA will be held June 21st at 8:00 am in Huntington Beach. Letters of Intent will be available at the meeting.  


Annie reported that Individual Player Awards have been mailed. Master stat book is now available. 


Tony reported changes to CAHA rules. Biggest change is tryout dates will be moved next year (2004/2005.) Players will no longer sign score sheets, only coaches will be required to sign as to who is present. STOP patches will be required. CAHA will not be paying for the STOP patches. Carmen Starr moved to have league pay for STOP patches. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.  

100% rule for Tier II teams. All teams must play each other. Norcal is willing to come down here and play us and more than happy to host our teams up north. They are real receptive to working with us and they want to participate in the league, they are willing to pay the SCAHA membership fee to be included in the schedule and they’re looking at about 2 maybe 3 teams at every division.  

Tony inquired if any changes want to be made to the 25% Block Recruitment rule, the way the rule was enforced last year, waived off by some of the clubs. Discussion followed regarding the Block Recruitment rule and the waiving of the rule. Lisa England moved to follow rule 22.01 in SCAHA Guidebook and for anything over the limit, requests for exception must be provided in writing to the Executive Board and the Executive Board would make the final decision. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.  

Tony reminded everyone that the sibling rule was put into effect this year for the 02/03 season. Wanted to confirm the interpretation of applying this year would also affect any players or siblings who were put on the list in the 01/02 season. Will we have a time limit on how far to go back? It was decided that if monies are owed then there would not be a time limit as to how far to go back. 

One rule that would like to see changed for next year, is putting time frames on decisions. Cannot let these things drag out, whether we put a 2 or 3 week written response. Some requests took a few months last season. Further discussion followed, if club or league does not respond in a timely manner, do we want to leave as is or impose some type of penalty. Sandy stated that rule committee would come up with recommendation for next meeting.  

Curt recommended that the CAHA changes be posted on the SCAHA website and Club Presidents pass onto club members so that members are informed prior to tryouts. 

Tony stated that he wanted to put together a committee to work with Dave Monshaw. Dave stated that he feels that the success of the ice convenor job is going to depend a lot on participation by the member clubs. To smooth the transition, he is requesting some assistance in putting together a calendar. Would like to introduce milestones into the calendar. Curt Castagna recommended that draft of plan be put together by next meeting, so that by the time declarations are made we have something moving forward that not only incorporates black out weekends, holidays, Southwest, Exhibition, maybe some consideration to other competing things such as NARCH Winternationals. Try to remove the perception that we are not trying to improve. 

Tony stated that we need to formally ratify Dave Monshaw as the Ice Convenor for the 2003/2004 season. Ron White moved to ratify Dave Monshaw as Ice Convenor. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.  

Lisa England inquired if the SCAHA schedule is going to allow for the Southwest League. Last year there were problems with games not being played or being rescheduled. How will this play out in the schedule this year, as far as for allotting for the Southwest League? Jerry Wilhite responded that in years past, notice was given up front that you were in the Southwest League and those weekends were blocked out and the Board voted on Southwest League being blocked or other times you knew you were going to be out of town for other tournaments that you would state that you don’t have a team available that weekend and they would work it into other weekends. Curt Castagna replied that another issue would be making sure clubs have the allocated ice to support home games. One of the toughest parts of Dave’s job is to make sure the ice is allocated for the schedule to work. Jerry stated that if you only have two clubs giving Saturday ice, there is going to be a problem. Tony stated that if clubs have the Saturday ice, please give so that games can be scheduled. If you have weeknight ice, might be able to utilize if good time and local teams. Would help out the schedule.  

Curt reported that the Chicago Showcase was in our budget for $2,850. to provide scholarships for the players on the team. Unsure if any of those players were SCAHA players or Tier I players playing outside the league. The decision needs to be made how we want to distribute the money to the players. Jerry Wilhite moved to distribute the money to each rostered Southern California player who was on the team. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 


Cindi reported that there is a new programmer for the website. The website will be down for a day or two in June as the transition is made. The tryout information needs to be posted on each clubs website, and the SCAHA site will link to each club page. 


James Parker of LAHOA Board was present to touch base with clubs. They have heard that some of the clubs are interested in or are considering centralized scheduling. Wanted to let everyone know that LAHOA Board is against that proposal. Concerned about putting all of the scheduling into one’s persons hand. Ben Cohen inquired if there was going to be an increase in fees. Reply was that has not been discussed yet. Most likely will be discussed at next meeting. LAHOA annual meeting is 6/30/03. 


Jerry Wilhite reminded everyone that the CAHA elections are soon. There are 5 people from SCAHA on the ballot. When you get your votes, please support the SCAHA members.  


Sandy reported that the Letter of Intents must be distributed at the next meeting. Reminded everyone that the SCAHA guidebook is a two-year book, so any rules or revisions that the Rules Committee comes up with will be an addendum to the guidebook. The rules are online and reach a majority of the membership. Would like to propose that we make the Letter of Intent a dual form, a Letter of Intent/Rule Form and require that everyone use. Would like to include a box on the form, which states that the SCAHA rules are available online at and in the event that you should not have access your club will provide you with a copy. We will provide to each club 20 black and white stapled copies to hand out to players who request it because they have no online access. In addition the conditions of membership will be on the back of the Letter of Intent.  

Next meeting is June 11th in Lakewood. 

Meeting adjourned 10:00 pm.