OCTOBER 8, 2003



Deputy Commissioner Sandy Blumberg, Associate Director – Larry Brislin, Parliamentarian – Orian Southall, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein, Statistician - Annie Fisher, Ice Convenor – Dave Monshaw and Secretary - Shari Osborn 


Ducks, Dragons, Red Wings, Lightning, Stars, Bears, Riptide, Coyotes, Sun Devils, Jr. Ice Dogs, Jaguars, Jr. Kings, Knights, Eagles, Senators, Leafs, Gulls, Express, Mariners, and Wolves 


Wave, Tigers, Panthers, Sabers & Blackhawks 


Christian Dempster – Cal State Games 

Deputy Commissioner Sandy Blumberg called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. 


The August and September minutes were distributed for review. Joe Conrad moved to approve minutes. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 


Sandy reviewed highlights from the CAHA meeting. Tier teams must have their playoff deposit in by 10/31/03 if post season eligible. Screen & Abuse deadline is 12/31/03, everyone must do this year. Form can be downloaded from CAHA website. State playoff for Tier will be 4/02 – 4/04/04 hoping to also do A & B same weekend. If unable A will be 4/02 – 4/04/04 and B will be held 4/16 – 4/18/04. CAHA guidebook updated version currently being proofread. Pacific District new marketing campaign to promote youth hockey, called “Lace Em Um” hoping to get local personality to work on campaign. There was one hearing discussed at CAHA involving Labor Day game brawl. No penalties were issued but one, which was wrong. Going to San Diego to review, have asked SCAHA to participate in review. Dave Guzy will not be State Referee in Chief. Nominations have been closed. Two PDR waiver appeals (Blackhawks & Stars) were not granted. Reminder all coaches must have proper certification by 12/31/03. Make sure all coaches are current. Several recruitment violations were sent to CAHA, if no proof do not send in. Push is being made for girls’ hockey. Membership renewals are due by 10/31/03 any missing information will be due by 12/31/03. For this year the Midget 16U championship cup will be the Michael Stover Championship Cup. Reminder no appealing of game misconducts. There has been an increase in Match Penalties both A & B level. Match Penalty is not an automatic review, if review is wanted will need to appeal.  


Christian Dempster of California State Games distributed packets to each club. The games will be held President Day’s weekend in San Diego. Big turnout last year, had to turn teams away.  


Curt was absent – Treasurer’s report was distributed for review. 


Wendy reported that STOP patches can be purchased for $1.00 per set. Lightning and Express still owe for patches. Remember that coaches and players must sign the Letter of Intent, need both membership form and supplemental forms. Players’ fees are due from a few clubs. Do not send in fees for Tier 1 players.  


Dave Monshaw reported that some divisions have odd number of teams. Due to the odd number of teams this creates odd number of games. One team will need to play an extra game, which would only count for one team. Executive Board previously discussed and decided that a week would be selected, written down and put into an envelope and held by Commissioner and then revealed at the end of the season. This game will not count for the team with the extra game. Only game misconducts issued during game will count. Dave will review possibility of adding game to schedule for all teams in odd division; will need to talk to scheduling consultant to see how it would affect. Clubs with teams in odd divisions would need to come up with extra ice. Issue has come up with girls teams, girls are paying $27.00 registration fee and only getting half of the games. It was suggested that all coaches be polled if they want to play against the girls. Dave reminded everyone that Sportability is the most accurate for schedule information. Discussion followed regarding teams dropping from AA to A. CAHA makes final decision regarding teams dropping.  


Annie reported that misconduct list will be updated on Friday. Missing score sheet list will be sent out next week. Reminder that a two game suspension will be issued for two majors in one game for same player (4.04b) If referee does not assess, Annie will process and contact team manager and/or club directly. Make sure to check with referee regarding game misconducts if unsure. Sandy reported that to date there have been 8 games with 2 officials (7 – North, 1 – South.) Question was asked who signs score sheet if player is serving Match Penalty. It was suggested that it should be written in comments that player is serving penalty. If player is serving misconduct, then player must be in attendance at game and sign score sheet. Reminder that any player serving Match Penalty is not allowed to attend any game function. If a player needs to serve Match and Game, they will sit the 30 days first and then serve the game.  


Larry Brislin reported that in previous years a contact list was put together of contact information for all teams. Recommend that we put together a current contact book. Dave Monshaw stated that Sportability has a spot for contact information for each team. If information is put in, can make communication easier for game reschedules. It was requested that each club send team manager information to Dave and Larry. Larry and Cindi will send request letter to each club. It was stated that each club will need to get permission from the Managers to post the information. 

Lisa England brought forth a request from Mariners Squirt B team to change team declaration. Teams movement during final declaration left only 6 teams in the B division, concerned that the division will not be very competitive. Bakersfield also expressed concern regarding this situation. Valarie Broadhead moved to leave division as is; deadline for declaration has already passed. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 

Larry Brislin suggested moving girls into the division to create a larger division. Larry Brislin moved to allow Cal Select and Coyote Girls 10 & under be accepted into Squirt B division and be eligible for playoffs. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 

Dave Monshaw inquired if we want to schedule games for this week. It was suggested that they play each other to start. It was also stated that the cost factor was needed to know before changing schedule and who would pick-up the cost for changing the schedule. 

Orian Southall reported that volunteers would be needed for SCAHA Pre-Select camp, which will be held 12-19, 20th & 21st.  

Next meeting is November 12th in Lakewood. 

Meeting adjourned 10:15 pm.