NOVEMBER 12, 2003




Commissioner – Tony Romo, Deputy Commissioner - Sandy Blumberg, Associate Director – Jerry Wilhite, Treasurer – Curt Castagna, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Ace Coaching Coordinator – Larry Bruyere, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein, Statistician - Annie Fisher and Secretary - Shari Osborn 


Ducks, Dragons, Red Wings, Lightning, Stars, Bears, Knights, Wave, Riptide, Coyotes, Sun Devils, Jr. Ice Dogs, Jaguars, Tigers, Panthers, Gulls, Sabers, Express, Mariners, Wolves & Blackhawks 


Senators, Jr. Kings, Eagles & Maple Leafs 


Lou Castella – LA Hockey 

Commissioner Tony Romo called the meeting to order at 7:50 p.m. 



Tony discussed the recent fires and reported that the Simi Valley rink had to cancel games due to road closures. Riverside and San Diego was hardest hit, no games were cancelled. Pat Carrigan of California Stars reported that one of their Mite players did lose his home. Club is assisting with donations and fundraisers to assist family.  


Curt distributed for review the current financial reports. The 2002/2003 tax returns have been completed and filed. The league is current and financially sound. Current balance sheet reflects $236,757 in three accounts. Profit and Loss is okay in every category. Registration fees due from five clubs. Only account currently over in the Profit & Loss is accounting fees, should be no additional expenses this year. There is no budget for the CAHA pre-camp, expenses to date $850. Deposit; Check Detail and Transaction detail was also reviewed. Bob Driffel moved to approve financial reports. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 


Wendy reported that she has more STOP patches available. Have already gone through 5000 and need to reorder more. Remember to distribute to new players.  


Annie distributed penalty minutes and missing score sheet reports. Game misconduct report will be sent out tomorrow.  


The October minutes were distributed for review. Question was asked regarding Tier playoff dates, incorrect date is reflected in minutes. Tier playoffs should be 3rd weekend of February. Lisa England moved to approved minutes. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 


Larry reported that the last coaching clinic this year will be December 6th for Level 1 & 2. December 13th for Level 3. Associates will be held in Lakewood and Intermediate in Anaheim. 


Tony reported that Chris Carcerano, Dave Bigelow, Ken Cronk and William Haggerty are working together as a committee on the second half of the schedule with Bortz Media. Chris is the contact person for the committee. Ice slots are due. Bakersfield ice rink is now open. 

Discussion followed regarding scheduling of exhibition games and lead time of game notification. It was also reported that the Squirt B girl teams decided not to join in the league. 


Tony introduced Lou Castella of LA Hockey. He was present to petition to allow LA Hockey to join the league. Lou stated that during tryouts they followed all SCAHA rules and requests. Questions and answers followed regarding club information. Vote was taken to allow LA Hockey into SCAHA. Yes – 15, No – 5. Vote did not pass, need to have full 2/3 vote of all existing clubs. They are still eligible to apply again. 


Raoul Smyth made request that the board review expanding the playoff slots in the larger divisions. Discussion followed regarding expanding the playoff slots. It was suggested that a couple slots be added to the larger divisions. Raoul would like to have someone look into cost of adding teams. It was also stated that a review of stats would be needed and discussed at next meeting. Raoul will research and present at next meeting. 

Tony reported that the Jr. Ducks were requesting a donation from the league for their Quebec team. It was stated that the Wave did not request donation and donations were not made last year. No motion was made. 


Sandy reported that that has been a marked increase in Match Penalties. They are currently three up for review. One review was conducted tonight and two more pending. LAHOA has stated that referees have received further training during their seminars on what to look for when a Match is appropriate and when it is not. Based on the types of infractions being seen, doubt that anything has changed. Seeing an increase of kids who are making the sport unsafe. Coach needs to control bench, if player is upset, sit the player. Have also received quite a few complaints regarding referees being proactive before games are out of hand. At last SCAHA Executive meeting Art Kitano was appointed as Referee in Chief, he was previously CAHA Referee in Chief. He will be watching and reviewing referees. Complaints have been coming in regarding referees being late, it was suggested that clocks be put into referees’ room at that rinks. There has been a definite decrease in two man games from first week, except for San Diego. Talks have begun with San Diego officials hoping to be able to get an officials contract.  

Request was received from referees association that SCAHA come up with a policy regarding the people sitting in penalty box. It was recommended that we restrict penalty boxes to Mites & Squirts games. No stats or photo to be taken while in box. No cheering or coaching from box. Only in the box to open and close door. Referee can remove person if they start participating by cheering or coaching from box. Sandy also reminded everyone that only officials are allowed to go into officials’ room. 


Lisa England reported that the SCAHA Pre-Select Camp applications will be sent out at the end of the week. She wanted to send thanks to the registrar for assisting with the address labels. Still need coach volunteers. Larry Bruyere will be the head coach at Healthsouth, need additional candidate for Riverside. First 34 applications received in each age group will be selected for the Pre-camp. 1st session will be skills, 2nd and 3rd session will be scrimmages. Six coaches are needed for each group for bench and selection committee. Jerseys have been ordered.  


It was asked when the games will be rescheduled that was cancelled due to fires. Response was that the clubs need to work together to coordinate the rescheduling of the games and go through club ice convenors and club presidents. Also be sure to notify Chris Carcerano.  

There will be no meeting in December, unless urgent issues need to be covered. Next meeting will be January 14, 2004.  

Tony reminded everyone that if only one referee shows up do not play the game. Referee association will be responsible for cost of ice, except for San Diego game. 

Dave Monshaw reminded everyone that at the last meeting it was discussed regarding odd team divisions; need to decide which games will be thrown out. It was discussed that there would need to be a date drawn as to which game would not count. Dave Marzullo motion to hold a random draw at the January meeting to determine the game number, which will not be counted. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 

Lisa England inquired as to why some weeks teams have byes and then two games in one weekend. It was stated that the byes were due to Southwest league. 

Next meeting is January 14th in Lakewood. 

Meeting adjourned 9:35 pm.