FEBRUARY 18, 2004




Commissioner – Tony Romo, Deputy Commissioner - Sandy Blumberg, Associate Director – Jerry Wilhite, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Ace Coaching Coordinator – Larry Bruyere, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein, Statistician - Annie Fisher and Secretary - Shari Osborn 


Dragons, Red Wings, Lightning, Stars, Bears, Knights, Wave, Riptide, Sun Devils, Jr. Ice Dogs, Jr. Kings, LA Hockey, Eagles, Panthers, Gulls, Sabers, Express, Mariners, & Wolves  


Ducks, Senators, Coyotes, Jaguars, Tigers, Maple Leafs & Blackhawks 

Commissioner Tony Romo called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m. 


Tony reported that the Championship games will be held at the Long Beach Ice Arena. Division with four teams will have their games during the week of semi-finals (3/20 – 3/21.) 

First round of playoffs will be held at the following rinks: Mites – Center Ice, Ontario; Squirt A & B – Bay Harbor; Squirt BB – Burbank; Pee Wee A – Panorama City; Pee Wee B – Sylmar; Bantam – Simi Valley and Midgets – Riverside.  

Semi-finals will be held in Lakewood. Playoff fee this year will be $900. If you have teams that are in, need to submit their playoff fee. Teams that are on the fence will have their checks held. Deadline date for submitting fee is March 8th. The fee will cover 1st round, semi-finals and finals. Will not cover CAHA playoff fees. 

CAHA A & B playoffs will be held in San Jose. Hopefully next year will be held in Southern California. 


Jerry Wilhite reported that the excess funds previously reported in SCAHA accounts will be available to benefit the league. As head of the committee looking into way to have the funds best benefit the league, they have come up with a few ideas. 207 players will be aging out and only 152 new mite players. Over 600 players will be aging out over next two years. At this time the league needs to focus on how to get more kids in the league how to promote youth hockey in Southern California for all clubs.  

One suggestion was to put a portion of the money into an endowment, the monies earned from the endowment could be used for the scholarship program.  

In addition some of the obstacles to getting players into the league are: 1. Money; 2. Time & 3. Commitment. It is also felt that the league is not being promoted. Suggestion was made to go to Ducks & Kings to assist with promoting youth hockey for all clubs.  

Additional suggestion was to turn the Mite & Squirt B season into 2 mini seasons. Each season would be 10 weeks long. This would lower the cost and also allow players to have less time commitment.  
Above was previously presented and approved by Executive Board. Discussion followed regarding the Mite & Squirt teams. Ron White moved that it be tabled until March in order to review cost involved. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.  


Larry reported that the scheduling committee met and is suggesting that SCAHA no longer schedule Tier games. Next year the schedule will only have 20 weeks due to Labor Day later this year, Christmas and New Years fall on Saturday and also black out weekends for PreSelect, Select and holiday weekends. With tryouts and declarations earlier this year, should be able to put together schedule earlier this year. Larry Bruyere moved that once Exhibition is done and team declarations are in then we distribute the Master Schedule. Some teams will be requesting changes; change must be made at least one week in advance and mutual. Requesting team must pay cost. If necessary Arbitrator will step in (most likely Ice Convenor) if no resolution then requesting team would forfeit. If the requesting team is the visiting team, they will be responsible for cost of ice for home team. SCAHA will not be scheduling Tier games. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.  

Ron White stated that the Southwest League will be putting together a California Tier Schedule. It will be a voluntary and penalty based schedule. The schedule will meet 100% CAHA requirement. Discussion followed regarding CAHA allowing Tier teams to drop as late as October.



No report this month. 


Sandy reminded everyone that clubs should begin sending out their delinquent notices. Members must have minimum two week written notice prior to be placed on the delinquency list. Suggest sending by certified mail to show proof of mailing notice.  

In addition there is concern regarding Midgets aging out and misbehavior will not be tolerated. Penalty will be reviewed and additional penalties assessed if necessary. Abuse of officials will receive 1 year suspension. Any touching of official will be considered abuse of official. 

Suggest club begin looking at financial agreements and making a final review before going to press. Be consistent, ask for assistance if needed.  


Wendy reported that she has more STOP patches available. Reminder CAHA rule all players must have the STOP patch on and in the correct spot. Must be a reasonable location. 

Notices are going to club registrar of any fees owed. Request was made that copy of notice also go to club president. Credential packages are due Friday, February 20th. Managers have been doing a good job this year.  


Annie reminded everyone that scores sheets need to be submitted as soon as possible in order to update stats and close a week or two after season end.  


Tony reported that Nic Rotolo a Norcal player recently passed away during a game. CAHA has made a donation to assist the family.  

Also reminded everyone that Cindi has been posting various ticket offers from Kings, Ducks and Ice Dogs on the SCAHA website. 

Tony reported that he has received calls from some of the rinks that some teams are not carrying 1st Aid Kits. Remind teams to always carry their 1st Aid Kits. 

Tony also reported that at last month’s meeting Chris Carcerano had been appointed as SCAHA Ice Convenor. Dave Monshaw received a prorated fee for his work on the first part of the schedule and recommend that Chris receive the balance of fees budgeted for the Ice Convenor. Ron White moved to have the balance of fees paid to Chris Carcerano for his work on the schedule. MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED. 


Tony reminded everyone that the election for Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner were upcoming. Ballots are due by February 29th. So far have received one self nomination for Commissioner by Valarie Broadhead. Any other nominations need to be forwarded to Shari by the deadline. 

Next meeting is March 10th in Lakewood. 

Meeting adjourned 9:55 pm.