APRIL 14, 2004





Commissioner – Bob Doherty, Deputy Commissioner - Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Curt Castagna, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Director of Communications – Cindi Palomarez, Ace Coaching Coordinator – Larry Bruyere, Director – Dave Marzullo, Ice Convenor – Dave Carcerano, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein, Statistician - Annie Fisher and Secretary - Shari Osborn



Ducks, Dragons, Lightning, Bears, Knights, Senators, Wave, Sun Devils, Jr. Ice Dogs, LA Hockey, Jr. Kings, Tigers, Panthers, Maple Leafs, Gulls, Sabers, Express, Mariners



Red Wings, Stars, Riptide, Coyotes, Jaguars, Eagles, Wolves & Blackhawks


Commissioner Bob Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.



Bob reported that Dave Contis has been appointed as Parliamentarian.  Orian will continue to assist with Penalty Review.  Dave Marzullo has been appointed as a Director.  Voting members of the Executive Board this year will be Sandy Blumberg, Wendy Goldstein, Chris Carcerano, Lori Boaz, Larry Brislin, Dave Marzullo and Shari Osborn.  Bob will vote in the event of tie vote.


Reminder of Zero Tolerance Policy was discussed.  There was an incident at Lakewood during semi-finals.  The police were called to the rink along with an ambulance.  New rule will need to be put into place to hold parents accountable for not adhering to zero tolerance.  Presidents will need to uphold zero tolerance.  


During the February meeting it was voted to make Tier II not part of the SCAHA schedule.  As a result of this change it was believed that would not have to continue with penalty review for Tier II Players.  Questions have been raised as to who will administer Tier II program.  Discussion followed regarding Tier II teams.  Tier teams will not be governed by SCAHA.  Suggest that further discussion be tabled until next meeting and possibly continued to July meeting after Tier II teams are in place.



The March minutes were distributed for review.  Lisa England moved to approved minutes.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Sandy reported that during playoffs there was minimum amount of trouble except for Midgets in Riverside during Round Robins.  The semi-finals in Lakewood had a rather significant incident at the PeeWee B level.  There were a few other incidences where parents had to be banned before they became a problem.  Long Beach championship games went well, very few complaints.   Long Beach would like to host again next year. The few complaints were in regards to arena too large and no locker rooms. 


Rosemary Voulelikas stated that the Jr. Kings would donate the ice for the SCAHA A&B Championship games next year.  Bob also stated that bids for playoffs would go out earlier this year so that clubs will be able to bid prior to rinks selling ice.  Bid packages should be out next couple months. 



Curt distributed for review current Balance Sheet as of June 30, 2004, along with Profit & Loss statements, Deposit Detail, Check Detail and break down of SCAHA Player Fees for 03-04 Season.  Year-end numbers will change due to final processing of expense and revenue from playoffs.  Still have some registration fees due from some clubs.  Audit is due in June, at the last Executive Board meeting it was decided that Dave Contis and Bob Doherty would meet with Curt and go over the records and do an internal audit. 



Wendy reminded everyone that they should be sending in their delinquency information.  Need to have due to tryouts earlier this year.  Once tryouts have started players will not be added to list.  Every club will need to have a representative at the next meeting in order to pick-up their Letter of Intent.  Tier II tryouts begin May 15th.



Chris reported that he is currently looking at evaluating different software packages for next season.  Will have by next meeting proposal for review, software packages range from $60 - $275.  Discussion followed regarding special requests.  Clubs will need to work out special requests together.



Annie reported that stats are now open and public on Sportability.  Also need to let her know if you want patches (Hat Trick, Playmaker, Shut Out) sent to the club or individual players.  Request for stat books are due by 4/30/04. 



Cindi reminded everyone that she needs club tryout information to post on SCAHA website.  If changes let her know.  Once delinquency list is completed will be posted on website (5/1) Password will change.  Same for now.



Nothing to report at this time.  Ron White stated that Advanced Coaching Clinic would be held 8/26 – 8/29 Reno, Nevada.  The district schedule will be out May 1st.  Next Master clinic will be June 2005 in either Syracuse or Michigan.  In addition expect that at the June USA Hockey meeting it will be voted in that coaches will be required to wear helmet when on ice beginning in 2005 season.  This will be a mandatory rule, no waivers will be allowed.



Bob reminded everyone that technically any player that play on any kind of tournament team or game needs to have a release up until April 30th from SCAHA. 


In addition Bob reported that this year would be SCAHA 30th anniversary.  During the 25th anniversary the league made patches and sold pins.  Would like SCAHA to design a patch and give the patches to every player this year and would like SCAHA to get a pin and sell the pins.  Patches would go on the jerseys.  Cost of patches would most likely run .50 to .60 each.  Full cost would probably be $1,500 to $2,000 for patches.  Patches would go to all SCAHA registered teams.  Larry Bruyere suggested table at this time.  Rick Kent moved to make a 30-year anniversary patch.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.


Mite B proposal tabled for tonight due to Larry Brislin not present to discuss.  Trying to figure out way to grow the league, A & B and Mite program.  In relation to the 30 year anniversary looking for a volunteer to write an article about SCAHA, explaining the history of SCAHA and get a paper in San Diego, Orange, LA & Ventura counties to publish the article about SCAHA about ice hockey being in Southern California for 30 years.  Ron White suggested an individual who would probably be willing to write the article.


CAHA nominations are currently being accepted for open CAHA positions due in May 1st


Question was asked regarding excess funds in bank accounts and requesting that some of this money be distributed to the clubs to assist with growing the league.  Bob responded that there is currently a committee putting together a proposal.  Discussion followed regarding Mite B & Squirt B programs.  Dave Marzullo replied that the general proposal would be for Mite B, $1,000 or less for a 15 game season, beginning in October with three pre-season games, limit to one tournament and lower cost uniforms.  Divide up by area, North, South, etc. Would have SCAHA pay for playoffs and registration fees.  Close to completing final proposal, will send by email once completed for Presidents to vote on.  Further discussion followed regarding best way to proceed in growing the league.  Also looking for ways to get first time hockey kids to get equipment at a lower cost to get them on the ice. 


Committee was formed to work on proposal of what to do with excess funds:  Lisa England, Larry Cahn, Ron White, Larry Bruyere, Curt Castagna, Bob Doherty & Dave Marzullo.


Regarding Mite B proposal will have Larry Brislin resend to Presidents and will conduct Internet vote regarding proposal.


Bob reported that the rules committee met to review the current rules and any necessary changes needed.  Most changes are mainly housekeeping changes.  17.06 new section added regarding zero tolerance policy.  Proposed by rules committee if you have a parent in the stands and the parent gets thrown from the rink.  The player on the ice associated with the parent goes with the parent off the ice.  Discussion followed regarding new rule.  Ron White moved to delete 17.06 as written.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.  Ron White moved to issue 30-day suspension for related spectator removed from rink and $250.00 fine to association.  Ron White modified motion to:  Related party will be assessed match penalty and $250.00 fine to association, fine and match penalty administered by SCAHA.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.  Actions for 17.06 are to take Ron’s motion, incorporate into verbiage d, e & f, remove “and coaches”.  Reword Ron’s motion and submit by email for approval. 


Further discussion followed other rule changes including Section 33, changes will be sent by email to Club President for vote during the May meeting.  In addition new rule 30.06 regarding temporary releases for players to play with a different team during a tournament and player decides that he wants to stay with this team instead of going back to his home team and requests a permanent release from club.  If a temporary release is issued to join another club during the season, a player will not be able to join that team during the season as a regular player. 


Paramount Panthers are merging with LA Hockey for 2004/2005 season.  Teams will play out of Paramount and Westminster.


Next meeting is May 12th.


Meeting adjourned 10:20 pm.