JULY 14, 2004





Commissioner – Bob Doherty, Deputy Commissioner - Sandy Blumberg, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Ace Coaching Coordinator – Larry Bruyere, Director – Larry Brislin, Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano, Member Services - Wendy Goldstein, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Secretary - Shari Osborn



Ducks, Dragons, Lightning, Bears, Stars, Sun Devils, Wild, Jr. Ice Dogs, Jaguars, LA Hockey, Jr. Kings, Eagles, Maple Leafs, Gulls, Sabers, Express, Mariners, Wolves



Red Wings, Wave, Riptide, Knights/Team One, Tigers & Blackhawks



Chris Cox – Sports Video Production


Commissioner Bob Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Bob reported that each month there would be a guest to make a presentation to the Board.  Next month will be Jason Galea, who is with the San Diego Saints organization.  He has volunteered and was asked by CAHA to head up the Parental Code of Conduct and Parental Anger Management.  He will present about what he is doing with CAHA and also present about the San Diego Saints organization.  They are not a SCAHA club, have approximately 8 teams and want to play as an in-house type recreation/tournament team for the next 1 – 3 years, then after that would like to join SCAHA.  He would like to know about clubs that might want to scrimmage against them.  The following month will be Dr. Jack Singer, a Sports Psychologist, who will talk about positive reinforcement with kids.  Tonight’s presenter will be Chris Cox of Sports Video Production. 




Chris Cox of Sports Video Production made a presentation regarding his sport video company.  Last season put together a yearbook DVD for Beach City Lightning.  Can do DVDs for individual teams or complete club.  Cost of each DVD is $20.00 with a minimum buy of 10.



Bob reported that the new meeting location has been booked through December.  Meetings will now begin at 7:00 pm.  Food provided this month compliments of Dave Contis. 



The June minutes were distributed for review.  Need to amend minutes to clarify that the Mighty Ducks are offering to do SCAHA night not the Jr. Ducks.  Lou Pacella moved to approve amended minutes.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Bob distributed 40th Anniversary memo from Bay Harbor, which will be held on July 31st.  Currently have scheduled 5 NHL players for autographs and exhibition game.  Bob reminded everyone that the SCAHA Board needs to run SCAHA and not get involved in club related issues.  If it is a club related problem SCAHA will only intervene when there is a big issue between clubs that cannot be resolved.  Otherwise we are going to continue to push it back to the clubs; we are not going to run your clubs.  The second point is zero tolerance; clubs need to remind families of zero tolerance.  There was an incident during PeeWee B semi-final game, which involved the police and paramedics.  The parent involved went through a SCAHA disciplinary review and was suspended from all USA Hockey activities for 1 year.  The parent has hired and lawyer and wants to appeal the suspension. Both CAHA and USA Hockey have agreed with suspension.  Sandy and Bob have a meeting with the lawyer on Friday.  If not able to talk out of the appeal, it will be brought forth for review at the next meeting.  In addition parent is banned from Easy Street Arena for life.  It was stated that if the appeal is brought forth that the penalty could actually be increased.  Sandy stated that there was also a second gentlemen suspended under a separate hearing. 


Bob reviewed some of the items discussed at the CAHA annual meeting in June.  CAHA is working on parental education program as previously discussed.  CAHA & SCAHA do not issue temporary coaching cards.  USA Hockey has started a new division next year for ice hockey will be a non-checking division next year, Mites to Midgets.  Ed Tar commented on how well Sandy Blumberg’s disciplinary reviews were handled.  Ed did not have to overturn anything that SCAHA had passed and was appealed to CAHA.  The penalty reviews were fair and professional and was happy that Sandy would be heading up the penalty review again this year.  USA Hockey legal counsel brought up that they have a big issue with parents going directly to USA Hockey and not going through proper channels.  Need to let parents and team managers know that if they have a problem with anything the avenue is club, league, CAHA and then USA Hockey, not USA Hockey directly.  California again won the Chicago Showcase. CAHA is striving to improve the communication between coaches and will actively push the Ace program.  It is a SCAHA mandate that every SCAHA club have an Ace Coaching Coordinator.  New to the CAHA Board from SCAHA are Nick Besheer from the Wild, Lou Pacella from LA Hockey Club and Rosemary Voulelikas from the Jr. Kings and Bob.  Most of the committee members stayed the same.  Melissa Fitzgerald remains head of the Youth Council.  Another big point that Chris and Bob will work, cannot be brought to the Presidents for a vote.  It is a mandate from USA Hockey to CAHA and down to us girls teams will be added to the schedule and the games that the boys play against the girls will count toward the boy’s seasons standing.  They will not count towards the girls because the girls actually play as Tier teams.  The games will be mandatory.  Issue discussed regarding parent suspension and a SCAHA club, there is a parent who was banned from CAHA and USA Hockey for 5 years.  CAHA discussed what CAHA will do if CAHA puts a discipline and ban is ignored.  The individual who was banned for 5 years has ignored the ban and is active with a SCAHA club.  CAHA is working on an ethics committee and what to do with the individual and they discussed potential club fines.  Recommend if you have someone who has been either suspended by CAHA or USA Hockey do not let them involve your club, some of the numbers that CAHA was talking about for fines were substantial fines.  CAHA has developed the Carmen Starr award for volunteers, for someone who has gone above and beyond the norm.  The first recipient was Carmen Starr.  CAHA has ceased the use of travel permit.  If you are going to travel out of state you no longer have to get a permit or notify CAHA to travel.  Still need to report the games to CAHA. 


Also discussed at Youth Council and CAHA the California Tier League and Tier Scheduling.  Bob and Pete Toth (Norcal President) have to come up with a statewide Tier Schedule.  We have to have Norcal weekends where we travel and north and weekends where Norcal will travel south.  If SCAHA and Norcal can agree that schedule will be sanctioned by CAHA and will become a mandatory schedule for Tier II.  If you play in the Southwest league and play a certain team and you don’t want to travel to Northern California to play the same team it will be considered a forfeit for your team.  It must be an equitable schedule.  Going to try and have worked out by August board meeting.  Chris is still missing some final team declarations and ice slots. 



Sandy reported that update guidebook is posted on SCAHA website.  Last year each club received one hard copy.  This year each club can print copy directly from website.  Sandy can also email to the clubs.



No report this month.



Wendy reported that the delinquency list is working.  So far no one on the delinquency list has tried out for a team.  147 names have been cleared, currently there are 83 names on the list, and 20 of these have aged out.  Reminder to have coaches sign LOI’s, Condition of Membership is on reverse side.  Any coach on roster must sign.  Requesting that copies of coaches’ certification cards and players’ birth certificates be submitted with rosters in September.  On player up forms make sure all three sheets are attached with the letter and submit ASAP.  Following teams currently have PDR issues:  Gulls Midget A; LAHC & West Valley Wolves 16AA; Stars & West Valley Wolves 16A; Wave Bantam AA; Wave, Jr. Ice Dogs, La Jolla, Gulls and West Valley PeeWee A. Some of these could be in-house players, which need to be identified.  West Valley Wolves PeeWee A appealed to CAHA and was denied, they will not be playoff eligible.  Registrar training will be August 14th 9 – 11:00 am at Skate Zone in Huntington Beach.



Chris reported emails were sent this afternoon requesting the past due declarations.  Preliminary version of the schedule will be sent out by the 19th for review.



Annie will distribute packets to registrars at the training meeting on August 14th.  Award patches from last season were sent out on Saturday, there were 548 letters sent.  Will be conducting score keeping classes, waiting to hear back from Stephanie Henderson.  Beginning this year preseason penalty minutes will count toward team total penalty minutes. 


Bob reported that SCAHA has received a request from LAHOA for a rate increase of 5% plus $5.00 scheduling fee.  Increase team scheduling fee from $75.00 to $80.00, this fee is paid by SCAHA.  Discussion followed regarding requested fee increases.  Bob will forward the email to all Presidents for review and will vote at next months meeting.  Sandy reported that Art Kitano was the League Referee in Chief last season and would like to keep Art in place for this season unless there are objections.  Larri Woertler moved to keep Art Kitano in place as Referee in Chief.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Bob reported that Cindi has resigned.  Chris Carcerano will take over website portion of her job.  If you know of any volunteers for position please email Bob.  This is a volunteer position.



Larry reported that the Pacific District list of clinics is listed on the Pacific District website.  Each club must appoint and Ace Coaching Coordinator, send email to with information.  $180.00 for Ace Coaching Coordinator materials available through Bob Levin.



Official practices can begin August 15th.



Request was made at last month’s meeting to have players wear dark jerseys for home games and light for away, same as NHL players. It was stated that we must follow USA Hockey rules regarding jerseys, which is light for home and dark for away games.


Next meeting is September 8th.


Meeting adjourned 9:05 pm.