OCTOBER 13, 2004





Deputy Commissioner - Sandy Blumberg, Parliamentarian - Dave Contis, Associate Director – Larry Brislin, Legal Counsel – Louis Pacella, Associate Director – Rosemary Voulelikas, Financial Secretary – Lori Boaz, Member Services – Wendy Goldstein, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Secretary - Shari Osborn



Ducks, Red Wings, Lightning, Bears, Stars, Sun Devils, Wild, Jr. Ice Dogs, Jaguars, LA Hockey, Jr. Kings, Maple Leafs, Gulls, Sabers, Express, Mariners, Wolves & Blackhawks



Dragons, Wave, Riptide, Tigers, & Eagles


Deputy Commissioner Sandy Blumberg called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m.



The September minutes were distributed for review.  Larri Woertler moved to approve minutes.  MOTION WAS SECONDED AND CARRIED.



Sandy reported that Bob Doherty is currently working on a memo regarding scheduling changes, due to constant cancellations across the board not just AA, also A & B divisions.  At this time there are a large amount of unscheduled games with no reschedule in sight.  Chris is done with the remainder of the season schedule except for double header and one other issue he is currently working on. 


In addition will be pulling the SCAHA permit from the website, which will be revamped.  The permit that you are going to use to cancel the game will also be a game notification/cancellation form.  In order to have approved by Executive Board must note on form who contacted and what the reschedule date and time is, or will not be approved.  Both teams are responsible for submitting form to ensure both teams know of the request for change. Discussion followed.


In addition referees are not being notified in a timely manner.  Not giving sufficient time for referees to reschedule.  As a reminder referees are handled differently in North than South.  North has one specific person at rink that is called, proper notification is falling through cracks.   


Discussion followed regarding forfeitures, fines, ice, referee fees and which team responsible.  As a reminder for Tier teams, teams cannot force forfeiture.  If game is not played team will not be eligible for playoffs, forfeiture is not a win. 


Prototype of form will be sent to Presidents for review within week, one other caveat that CAHA wants to incorporate part of the travel notification on the form.  Most likely will be revision to initial form if CAHA adds to form.  Looking at maybe just adding second box to form that would handle the reporting requirements for CAHA & USA Hockey, hoping to streamline the process of verifying when you are traveling with the exception of international travel.


In the meantime the proper procedure is if both teams agree the game is cancelled making necessary notifications.  Process is team manager to team manager, if not able to resolve then club president to club president get involved, if still doesn’t work out then the Executive Board will get involved and at this point no forfeits have been allowed.




Sandy reported that Match Penalties are mounting up.  All of the same nature, either a two handed stick to the head or a kick.  There has been one parent ejection.  Congratulations to those clubs who have fully functioning disciplinary review committees, if you do hold a discipline committee meeting and you discipline someone within your club, please notify the Executive Board or send a copy of the letter, because that action carries over, typically the parent is angry and they leave the club, want to ensure that it follows them wherever they go.  In process of setting up Penalty Review Committee and need volunteers.  Typically reviews are held no further north than Lakewood.  Will begin having meetings every two weeks. There is a 14 day requirement.  Send name and phone number to Sandy, need minimum of three people plus Sandy.  Would like to have seven people to rotate, in addition there will be 1 to 2 Executive Board members. 


USA Hockey ruling regarding movement of player from Bantam AA to Midget AA not considered lateral move as stated by CAHA.  CAHA ruling was overturned.  It is considered a player-up.  In addition waiting for clarification if Midget 18AA is up from Midget 16AA.


Sandy introduced Cathy McGarrigle, CAHA Girl and Women’s Chair.  Was in attendance to see if there were any questions regarding the girls’ teams.  Sandy also stated that there was a lot of confusion regarding interpretation of games played of whether games count in the standing for the boys.  Discussion followed regarding the games counting for the boys teams, if the games don’t count the schedule would need to have games added to make up for regular game not played during the weekend, only scheduled to play girls and no other game same weekend.  It was decided that at this point the games will count towards standings unless different information is received regarding the scheduling of games. 



No report this month.  Wendy reminded everyone that player’s fees are due.



Wendy distributed stop patches and Hockey Giant discount cards.  Payment for stop patches need to be sent to Curt.  If a team declaration changed for the regular season, the registrar needs to send in a new team application.  Need to edit their team application and forward to Turi Daniels.  The new level will be correct on their roster.  Few teams with Block Recruitment issues.  Remind registrar regarding player releases to look for block recruitment issues.  Few teams with PDR issues: Bay Harbor; Beach Cities; Channel Island Riptide; California Stars; California Wave and West Valley, could also be in-house players.  Remind registrar when getting new players and they’re signing their LOI’s, need to have release from previous club.  Have received 50% of coach cards and 95% of birth certificates.  Many coaching cards not at correct level or need recertification.  If have already recertified send in copy of updated sticker. 



No report this month.  Rosemary inquired if there was going to be a Tier Norcal schedule put together.  Sandy replied that not done at this point.  Chris will be sending each club a matrix for Tier teams to complete with upcoming plans and then the gaps will be looked at, also looking at incorporating the Surf.



No report this month.  Ed Tar asked Sandy to remind all clubs of CAHA rule that if Match Penalty is assessed that the team notify him directly within 24 hours.  Email to



No report this month.



Sandy reminded everyone of Certification classes in December in Lakewood.



Tier II discussion – Jerry Wilhite brought forth for discussion disconnect between CAHA and SCAHA regarding teams requesting change in declaration from AA to A.  Effects on schedule and who is administering the Tier II league.  Discussion followed. 


In addition Jerry notified the Presidents that due to 25% change in their Midget AA roster, they are now considered a new team and games played to date with their team do not now count toward the 100% rule.  The games will need to be replayed.  Team Manager is contacting teams involved and they will pay the ice and referee costs. 



Next meeting is November 10th


Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm.