October 12, 2005




Deputy Commissioner – Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Bob Driffill, Ace Coaching Coordinator – Larry Bruyere, Member Services – Wendy Goldstein, Referee-in-Chief – Art Kitano, Director –Laurie Boaz, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Associate Director –Tim Fahringer.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Bakersfield Dragons, Bay Harbor Red Wings, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, Inland Valley Wild, Jr. Ice Dogs, LA Hockey Club, La Jolla Jaguars, San Diego Ice Arena, South Coast Sabers, Valencia Express, Ventura Mariners, San Diego Gulls and SDIA Hockey



Huntington Beach Sun Devils, Pasadena Maple Leafs, California Wave, Channel Island Riptide, LA Jr. Kings, Ontario Eagles, West Valley Wolves and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.


Deputy Commissioner Sandy Blumberg called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


It was determined that sixteen (16) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.



The September meeting minutes were distributed for review. Lisa England motioned to accept the 09-14-05 minutes and Laura Ryan seconded. MOTION PASSED.



Sandy introduced Edie, from the California State Games. She distributed a folder with information for the clubs about the Winter Games in San Diego and the Ice Hockey Tournament.  She stated there would be games played at the Kroc Center, on Friday Feb. 17th, 2006 – Sunday, Feb 20th, 2006.  The California State Games would have an Opening Torch Lighting Ceremony for all participants before a San Diego Gulls hockey game.

Teams may register on line at


APPEAL HEARING – Joseph DiGiueppe

This appeal was held at the request of Stephen and Shannon DiGiuseppe, parents of Joseph DiGiuseppe.  Tim Fahringer presided over the appeal.  Joseph DiGiuseppe was given a Match penalty in a game for intent to injure and the penalty review committee gave him a 60 day suspension.  He appealed to the SCAHA Presidents that the time was excessive and the rule that was broken as well as the suspension was unclear.

The penalty review committee was given time to state the case and Joseph and his parents were given time to state their case and show a video clip of another unrelated incident.  SCAHA Presidents then were able to ask Joseph questions and closing statements were made by the penalty review committee, Joseph and his parents.  The Presidents then discussed the penalty and the suspension in private and Bridget Hopkinson, seconded by Joel Henderson made a motion:

Motion:  Silent Vote – written on a piece of paper, to either affirm the suspension or reduce the suspension. 

15 Presidents voted.  Vote passed to affirm the suspension 10 – 5.



Sandy Blumberg read a report from Bob Doherty in his absence.  There will be no rescheduling of A/B games.

Two clubs received fines for teams not playing their regular scheduled games.  The Clubs also need to make sure they are attending the SCAHA meeting or sending a representative.  Information that is given at these meetings and rules are vital to a successful season.  Larri Woertler asked that the minutes be released in a timely fashion and given to the SCAHA public on the Web site. 



No Report



Bob Driffill distributed a copy of SCAHA’s financial statement as of July 31, 2005. He reported that the Executive Committee has not had a chance to review the trial budget and will present the budget at the next SCAHA meeting for review and approval from the presidents.



Wendy Goldstein reiterated if players and/or coaches are not on your roster then they are not allowed on your bench. Coaches who failed to update their certification last season will not be permitted to be rostered on any team as a coach or assistant coach until they have completed their recertification and/or upgrade as required.


Larry Bruyere spoke to John Bjeldanes, USA Hockey Pacific District Risk manager to clarify this issue and he said that as far as USA Insurance was concerned they only needed to be registered USA Hockey. Turi Daniels has asked that no one that is not on the team roster be on the ice during practices.


Wendy also stated that coaches that are new to SCAHA this season have until December 31, 2005 to acquire their appropriate certification. Clubs are required to submit copies of the coaches’ cards as they are certified and/or recertified.

Wendy mentioned all player movement including reverted players requires a release and gave a brief overview of the process as outlined in the 2005-2006 SCAHA rules. All releases first go to Wendy for final approval and then SCAHA will forward the signed off release to all parties. Once the receiving club has received the approved SCAHA signed release then the club may add the player to their roster and not before.

All birth certificates must be in to Wendy before they can participate.  No birth certificate, no ice time.  The hospital certificates will not be allowed.  They will be checking score sheets to see if that player with no birth certificate has played and the club and the player could face consequences.



Chris stated that the computer does have some teams playing each other two weeks in a row.  It is generated this way and will work out in the end for even amount of games played per team.  SCAHA Pre Select camp and CAHA Camp’s no game policy is causing problems with the schedule and the available ice slots on other weekends for play.  Status of the schedule reports that  the match ups are done for the year, but 30 game slots are still needed.  Bantam AA games will end week 18, Jan 28th for the record of performance. The game scheduled for week 19 need to be played before January 28th.  Midget B has been moved into the Midget 18A division. This makes a total of 18 teams.  For playoffs, the top 8 teams will advance to Midget 18 A playoffs and bottom 5 teams will advance to the Midget B playoffs.  The Midget B division will end with SCAHA championship game – there is no CAHA Championship for Midget B.  Larri asked that the schedule be done in a timely manner, stated that was why the Presidents voted to not have A/B games rescheduled.



Annie Fisher reported she will be sending the game suspension list to all the clubs and for the clubs not to be surprised on the amount of GMs.  The electronic score sheets are great.  These need to be filled out by the coach, not the manager.  AA total penalty minutes will be out next week, remember that pre-season penalty minutes also count.  SCAHA eliminated automatic suspensions of coaches if over the penalty minutes.  The coach and the three top offenders of the team will be asked to attend a review committee meeting and then appropriate penalties will be handed out.  It was suggested that we look at the rules regarding next years penalty minutes and if preseason should be included.  Rosters are being worked on.



No report at this time.



Larry Bruyere asks each club have an ACE Coaching Coordinator for him to pass along information and go over issues with.  Make sure everyone has the correct coaching level and if not contact Larry or Ron White to get the appropriate level.



Art Kitano reported that the on line evaluations are a great resource for him to evaluate the referees.  Please make sure the coaches are filling them out, not the managers.  He received 783 evaluations and of them 27 stated concerns.  He contacted the officials and the coaches to talk about the issues.  Most of the issues, coaches were not even aware of or in fact they had thought it was a good game. 

There are evaluations in process, where other officials attend a game and watch the officials during a game. This helps Art to give instruction to referees and enables refs to be more proficient and ensure they are refereeing at the correct level in the future.

Art Kitano is SCAHA’s representative at the LAHOA meetings.  He conveys our message to the members of LAHOA.  Sandy and Art have been attending the official’s seminars and they are giving them our rules and expectations.  We are working together and with time, changes are beginning.  SCAHA must remember that referees are only human and they are always trying their best.  The sentiment is good between LAHAO and SCAHA.



Tony Romo is working on the bid packages for the SCAHA Playoffs and they are expected to go out soon.  The hope is to award the host early.  Each division needs a facility for playoffs and semi-playoffs.



SCAHA Pre-Select camp letters have gone out.  Deadline for applications is November 1, 2005.  The forms are to be on the SCAHA Web site also.  Birth years invited are 89, 90, 91 and 92.  88 birth years will be invited to the CAHA Chicago Showcase tryouts in January 2006.  Committee is working on getting outside evaluators and will have Easton represented at the tryouts.

A memo regarding Rule 304 in USA Hockey about protective equipment being ripped or torn was sent to the Referees.  SCAHA is asking the clubs to please police this and get equipment fixed.  The referees don’t want to have to impose penalties for this infraction.  SCAHA asked this be upheld.  Teams are representing SCAHA and southern California and need to show pride in appearance.


Next meeting is November 9th, 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM.  Motion to adjourn by Larri Woertler and seconded by Bridget Hopkinson.  Motion Passed.