February 8, 2006




Commissioner – Bob Doherty, Deputy Commissioner – Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Bob Driffill, Secretary – Rosemary Voulelikas, Member Services – Wendy Goldstein, Director –Laurie Boaz, Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Associate Director –Tim Fahringer.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Bay Harbor Red Wings, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, California Wave, Channel Island Riptide, Jr. Ice Dogs, LA Hockey Club, LA Jr. Kings, Pasadena Maple Leafs, San Diego Gulls, San Diego Ice Arena, South Coast Sabers, Valencia Express, Ventura Mariners, West Valley Wolves and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.



Bakersfield Dragons, Huntington Beach Sun Devils, Inland Valley Wild, La Jolla Jaguars, and Ontario Eagles.


Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.


It was determined that fifteen (15) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.



The January meeting minutes were distributed for review. Kevin Cuthbert motioned to accept the minutes and Jim Carroll seconded.  MOTION PASSED.



Nominations of SCAHA Officials for 2006-2007 Season:

Robert Doherty stated he has not received any nominations for SCAHA officials other than himself and Sandy Blumberg and asked if there were any nominations from the floor. There were no nominations of SCAHA officials therefore no need for elections in the month of March. Bob Doherty elected SCAHA Commissioner and Sandy Blumberg elected Deputy Commissioner.


SCAHA Tier II Bid Selections: CAHA Automatic Berth

Bob informed the board that a sub committee comprised of himself, Sandy Blumberg and Annie Fisher reviewed each of the Tier II divisions and selected the top teams of each division based on SCAHA league games to advance to the state playoffs as per CAHA’s rule 11.8.c. The SCAHA Bid selections are:

Peewee AA       LA Hockey Club

Bantam AA       LA Hockey Club

Midget AA16U   Jr. Ice Dogs

Midget AA18U   Inland Valley Wild

Bob congratulated all the teams and wished them luck in the CAHA Playoffs.


CAHA Meeting Review:

Bob summarized some of the highlights from the CAHA Board of directors’ meeting held on January 28, 2006.

·         Masters’ Level Coaching Clinic to be held July 12-16th- see USA Hockey web site for more information

·         USA enrollment down 5% across the nation

·         250 players tried out for the SCAHA pre-select camps and 132 advanced to the CAHA select camp

·         CAHA will be scheduling single round robin games for all of the Tier II divisions. SCAHA will continue to schedule single round robin games for the SCAHA Tier II divisions.

·         No more Tier I mandated weekends

·         USA Hockey deleted the non-check youth league

·         Proposal to have all on ice coaches wear helmets

·         All current proposals are available on the USA Hockey web site for review.


Bob reported the results of the SCAHA petition to move up the tryout dates. Bob stated that SCAHA’s formal


proposal was defeated. The tryout dates will remain the same as last year’s. Ron White motioned to send notice to CAHA stating that SCAHA will be conducting its tryouts as per the SCAHA resolution signed by the majority of the SCAHA presidents dated 1/11/06. Tier I Tryouts– 3rd Friday in June, Tier II Tryouts- 4th Friday in June and A/B Tryouts- 1st Friday in July.  Kevin Cuthbert seconded, discussion followed.

Sixteen (16) voted in favor, one (1) against and one (1) abstained. MOTION PASSED.


Artesia Avalanche’s Petition to Join SCAHA:

Bob informed the board that Artesia submitted a very thorough and well-put together plan.  They are a non-profit organization and have demonstrated their ability to form and grow an in-house program boasting over 400 participants in the “learn to skate program”.  In addition they fielded three tournament teams, a ’91 Bantam team, a ’92 Bantam team and a Midget A16U team. The executive committee recommends the admission of Artesia to the SCAHA board for the 2006-2007 season.  Rosemary Voulelikas asked if the 400 skaters were all hockey players or if it also included figure skaters.  James Mondragon answered that roughly 40% represented hockey players. Rosemary Voulelikas asked if Artesia had assigned a new registrar. She reminded James of the problems with their paperwork during the LA Jr. Kings Extravaganza Thanksgiving tournament and wanted to know if they were equipped now to properly register their players and to comply with USA Hockey, state and league rules. James Mondragon answered yes they were. David Peterson motioned to accept Artesia Avalanche as a SCAHA club and Kevin Cuthbert seconded. Fourteen (14) voted in favor, three (3) voted no and one (1) abstained. MOTION PASSED.


Bob Doherty read from a brochure titled Minnesota Hockey Camps and informed the board that one of the evaluators, an ex-NHL employee, highly recommends this camp.



Bob Driffill distributed the financial statements dated December 31, 2005 and asked if there were any questions regarding the statements. Paula Frankel asked if forfeiture fees were assessed and mailed out to the respective clubs. Annie Fisher stated she was going to distribute the letters tonight. Bob Doherty reminded the board that the fines collected from the forfeiture fees would be applied to next year’s scholarship fund.



Wendy Goldstein stated that she will be certifying the rosters and there are a few coaches that she does not have any credentials for and in addition do not appear on USA Hockey’s web site of credentialed coaches. At this point unless Wendy receives the copies of their coach’s cards ASAP, they will be removed from the rosters.


Rosters without any problems (i.e. missing coach’s cards, missing birth certificates, etc.) will be certified and will go out today. Wendy also informed the board the credentialing packet for the SCAHA Playoffs will be sent via email and there is a quick turn around time to prepare the information required. The SCAHA Playoff fee is $1100 for all divisions except for Mite A.. Mite A’s playoff fee is $600. And finally, Wendy stated she requires the checks to be separate for each team as well as club issued.


Outstanding SCAHA player fee amounts will be sent via email as well. Wendy distributed the New to SCAHA player patches.



Bob Doherty informed the board that Sandy Blumberg was not feeling well and left. Bob stated that all those interested in being on the Bylaw Committee Review or the Rules Committee Review should email Sandy their interest.



Chris Carcerano informed the board that there were five (5) games outstanding. Three (3) are marked pending. They are:


·         #2046 PW B Cal Selects 12U vs Express                             

·         #2342 BN A Cal Selects 14U vs Sabers                                

·         #2670 MD A16U Cal Selects 16U vs Dragons



The remaining original October games that need to be rescheduled are:

·         #2728 MD A16U Cal Selects 16U vs Lightning**                    

·         #2919 MD A18U Sabers 2 vs Bears

Chris reiterated that games could be played at the away rink if the home ice is not available. Games with an asterisk indicate zero collaboration between clubs and Chris stated he will review this with Bob Doherty, SCAHA commissioner and they will deal with it.


Chris Carcerano forwarded a message from Sandy Blumberg. Sandy strongly urges club presidents to remind their coaches that they cannot pull their teams off the ice before the end of a game and to inform their coaches that such actions carry a match penalty. And finally, Sandy wanted to remind all that players leaving the bench or penalty box to join an altercation carries an automatic match penalty.



Annie Fisher stated she is missing game summary reports and both home and away teams are not submitting their reports. She will be emailing out the game suspension reports to all the clubs this coming Friday as well as the penalty minutes report.



No report at this time.



No report at this time.



Playoff Program:

Laurie Boaz handed out the forms for hockey grams and/or advertising to each club president advising them that she will be emailing them as well. Advertising space costs are:

            ¼ page (no picture)        $25

            ½ page (incl. Picture)     $50

            full page (incl. Picture)    $100

The forms will also be posted on the SCAHA web site. Laurie Boaz recommends that the hosting clubs and venues place an ad in the playoff program as well.


2005-2006 Playoff Status:

Bob Doherty informed the board that there will be no State Midget B playoff. As you recall, we placed our Midget B teams in the Midget A Division and the CAHA Youth Council Chair will not support a B state playoff as a result of us only having a Midget A division.


Bob Doherty also stated that he has received a request to add additional teams to the playoff plan. He informed the board that SCAHA will not be increasing the teams to the already set number of playoff teams.



SCAHA Marketing:

LeAnn Doherty reported on the 2nd Kings meeting. The question raised by the Kings was “what does SCAHA want from the Kings,” and Ron White answered advertising. LeAnn informed the board that the Kings would be assisting in introducing street hockey to schoolchildren through the physical education (P.E.) classes. In the upcoming weeks they will be meeting and discussing how to get the donated equipment to the elementary schools and teaching the teachers how to instruct street hockey.


LeAnn encouraged clubs and/or rinks with “learn to skate programs” to take advantage of the free advertising space made available through county publications of Kids Guides. These Kids Guides are published twice a year and the next publication is in June/May. All those interested in having SCAHA post their “Learn to Skate” information on the SCAHA web site should send the information via email to LeAnn Doherty at and/or Bob Doherty.


LeAnn Doherty also informed the board that they are working with the Kings/Ducks  to form a scholarship program similar to S.K.A.T.E. that was founded in Minnesota where players are acknowledged for their academic accomplishments.


Next meeting is March 8th, 2006.


Meeting adjourned at 9:54 PM.  Motion to adjourn by Dave Bigelow and seconded by Lisa England. MOTION PASSED.