November 8, 2006




Commissioner – Robert Doherty, Deputy Commissioner – Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Bob Driffill, Scholarship Chair – Laurie Boaz, Secretary – Rosemary Voulelikas, Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano, Member Services – Wendy Goldstein, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Associate Director –Tim Fahringer.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Artesia Avalanche, Bay Harbor Red Wings, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, LA Hockey Club, LA Jr. Kings, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Diego Ice Arena, Valencia Express, Ventura Mariners, West Valley Wolves and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.



Anaheim Wildcats, Bakersfield Dragons, California Wave, Channel Island Riptide, Huntington Beach Sun Devils (Cal Selects), Inland Valley Wild, Jr. Ice Dogs, La Jolla Jaguars, Ontario Eagles, Pasadena Maple Leafs, and San Diego Saints.


Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:13 p.m.


It was determined fourteen (14) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.



The October 11th meeting minutes were distributed for review. Chris Carcerano stated the minutes should be clarified under the “Ice Convener Report” to read “ He added he would be focusing on trying to balance the schedule at the team level only for teams whose home … is greater than 4. In addition Chris Carcerano added that this applies to the last 16 games in the schedule.”  Bob Doherty added that the Wave was listed, as absent when indeed they were present. Kevin Cutbertson motioned to accept the 10-11-06 minutes as amended above and Lisa England seconded. MOTION PASSED.



Bob Doherty introduced Micah Giles with Kids Sports News Network. Micah Giles distributed newspaper articles to the presidents for their perusal and showed a power point presentation describing how they are able to produce a television segment- 30 minutes on youth sports. She explained the process, how they create the storyboard, player profiles, head shots of players, interviews, game segments, etc. They provide the anchors for the segment. Any team/club that is interested would need to commit to two shows. The cost of producing one show is $2000/show and they throw in a third one. They also have the possibility of private purchase for non-airing shows called “Scout’s corner.” If interested you can email Micah Giles at



Robert Doherty reminded the presidents that for the past three years SCAHA has not had a December SCAHA meeting and asked if they wanted one this year. Paula Frankel motioned not to have a SCAHA Board of Directors’ meeting this December and Art Trottier seconded. MOTION PASSED.


In addition, he informed the board that should they have any issues they want to address to CAHA they should email anyone of the following CAHA directors- Sandy Blumberg, Lisa England, Laura Ryan, Bob Doherty and Rosemary Voulelikas prior to the November 17-18, 2006 CAHA Youth Council/CAHA Board meetings.


Robert Doherty reviewed the probationary status of the three new SCAHA clubs, the San Diego Saints, the Artesia Avalanche and the San Diego Ice Arena. He reminded the board that it is during the December meeting that the board votes on whether to lift their probation and since the board just voted not to hold a December board meeting, the board will have to vote at this meeting. Laura Ryan motioned to have the San Diego Saint’s administrative probation removed provided their final rosters have been submitted and approved accordingly. Kevin Culbertson seconded. MOTION PASSED. Kevin Culbertson motioned to have the San Diego Ice Arena’s administrative probation removed provided their final rosters have been submitted and approved accordingly. Art Trottier seconded.  MOTION PASSED. David Peterson motioned to have the Artesia Avalanche’s administrative probation removed provided their final rosters have been submitted and approved accordingly. Art Trottier seconded. MOTION PASSED. Bob Doherty welcomed all three clubs and stated they are all now post season eligible pending final roster approvals.



Sandy Blumberg reported there were nine Disciplinary Review hearings conducted that dealt mostly with parents being ejected. Sandy Blumberg asked the presidents to remind their managers that at the moment the parents/spectators are ejected the 30-day suspension is in effect and they must leave the rink. In addition, managers must be familiar of the following specific rules:

·         30-Day parent ejection

·         Leaving the bench during an altercation–written as a GM with a 30-day suspension CAHA rule

·         Racial Slur- written as a GM with a 30-day suspension imposed by SCAHA


Sandy Blumberg reviewed the number of playoff berths. In the past, if the division had 10 teams then 8 teams would go to playoffs. In September, prior to final declarations, we changed that to state if the division has 12 teams or more then 8 teams go to playoffs. There are three divisions with less than 12 teams and two of these divisions will be effected by this rule. The Mite A has only four teams and all four teams will go to playoffs. This is stated in the new rule, and this is fine. The Peewee B and the Bantam B each have 11 teams and with the current ruling only six teams will go to playoffs. Sandy Blumberg wanted to be sure that this was the intent of the board when it voted in the new rule. David Peterson motioned to amend the playoff rule to state that 8 teams will go to playoffs in divisions with 10 teams or more. Kevin Culbertson seconded. MOTION PASSED.



Wendy Goldstein distributed a SCAHA player fee chart indicating the amounts paid and balances outstanding per club. In addition, Wendy informed the board that there are many coaches appearing on score sheets who have not been rostered on teams. Bob Doherty stated if this practice continues clubs will be fined $100 for each ineligible coach that appears on a score sheet. If in addition, the coach has not been screened then the problem comes under the jurisdiction of CAHA and not SCAHA. The CAHA president is looking at removing a coach’s certification for a year as a penalty. Wendy Blumberg stated she would be emailing a list of coaches who appeared on score sheets last week and who are not rostered on teams.


Wendy Blumberg advised the board of the following teams that are not post season eligible.

·         PWAA – the Jr. Gulls and the West Valley Wolves (failed PDR rule)

·         PWA – Anaheim Wildcats PWA1 and PWA2 – one of the teams is petitioning CAHA, West Valley Wolves (failed PDR)

·         BNA – West Valley Wolves and they are petitioning CAHA as well


And finally, Wendy Blumberg reminded the presidents that Final A/B rosters are to be sent to Jill Miller, CAHA Director of Member Services.


Sandy Blumberg informed the board the SCAHA playoff bids would be distributed by email shortly. This year, SCAHA will be including the schedule and the rinks will have to decide whether they will bid it or not.



Chris Carcerano informed the presidents he made an error when he scheduled four (4) AA games on Saturday, Dec. 16, 2006. This was not intentional. The games will need to be rescheduled and he is asking for the teams to reschedule them since he has already given back the unused ice slots to the clubs. Chris Carcerano added that there is also one Midget A16U that will need rescheduling- the Lightning vs. the Riptides. Chris Carcerano stated he takes full responsibility for these errors (scheduling games during the SCAHA Pre-Select Camp), but in all fairness, he did ask the clubs not to provide Saturday ice slots.


Chris Carcerano reiterated that there are some girls’ games that have mandatory byes (CAHA Mandated weekends), one of which is this weekend, weekend #10. This game needs to be rescheduled for a different weekend. He would like the details of the date and time by Nov. 14, 2006. He believes it is a Lady Ducks game but is not sure at this time. The rescheduling process involves providing Chris Carcerano with the date, time and he will schedule it and finalize it to make sure it is fair to both teams. Bob Doherty added that as with the Tier II games that need rescheduling, teams must submit the details of the rescheduled game 30 days from the date of the original scheduled game.


In addition, Chris Carcerano reminded the board that there are eight (8) girls’ games from week #16, this is the January 14th weekend, which requires rescheduling. The deadline for submitting the details of the date and time of the rescheduled games is by Nov. 22, 2006.


And finally, Chris Carcerano informed the board that there are eight (8) games from the March 4th weekend that need to be rescheduled and the deadline for submitting those details will be Dec. 8, 2006.



Annie Fisher reported on the suspension list that just went out this week to all the clubs. She stated that so far this season there have been about 435 suspensions. The penalty minute totals to date were also distributed to the clubs via email this week. She is happy to report she is receiving the score sheets in a timely manner and appreciates all the managers’ efforts.



Bob Driffill distributed the financials dated September 30, 2006 to the board. He stated the Net Income for the month of September was $46,000 and YTD (year-to-date) about $44,000. The check registry is also included as well as the monthly nets that give you an idea how we are doing month to month. And finally, the SCAHA team fees per club collected are also included with the financials.


Rosemary Voulelikas asked if the SCAHA player fees are collected for the girls’ teams. Wendy Goldstein stated that they are but they are lumped together with their respective clubs. Wendy then prepares a spreadsheet showing the divisions between youth and girls’ teams.


LeAnn Doherty reported on behalf of Laurie Boaz, who had to leave unexpectantly, that the scholarship letters would be mailed in November to the awardees and the checks would be mailed in December. Paula Frankel asked what the average amount awarded was. LeAnn Doherty answered that they were from $100 to $500 and 102 applications were received and 24 clubs were represented.



No report at this time.



Bob Doherty reminded the board of Larry Bruyere’s appointment as the Pacific District Coach-in-Chief. SCAHA is looking for a senior coach who has been involved in youth hockey for a number of years to take over for Larry Bruyere as the SCAHA ACE Coordinator. This person would be working closely with Larry Bruyere. Please email Bob Doherty if you are aware of anyone that would be interested and suitable for the position.



No new business to report at this time.




LeAnn Doherty passed out the C.H.A.M.P.S. patches to the respective clubs. Included with the patches are ticket order forms. She would like those faxed back even if the families are not purchasing extra tickets.  LeAnn Doherty reported we have 413 players participating from the North and 628 players from the South.


SCAHA Select:

LeAnn Doherty reported about 120 applications have been received. The only age level that is of some concern is the ‘93’s. LeAnn is asking the presidents to email these birth year players and to inform them of the SCAHA Select Camp. Currently, SCAHA has only received one goalie application and one defenseman application in this age group.


It appears that for this year we will be sending 4 goalies to the CAHA Select camp instead of three and three alternates per age division for a total of seven goalies. SCAHA is required to submit all paperwork to CAHA by Jan. 7, 2007. LeAnn urged the presidents to make sure they check the list when it comes out and to have the selected players submit their forms to CAHA.


Bob Doherty added that CAHA is asking SCAHA to rank the players that were selected and to submit this information to them. LeAnn Doherty reported she has only received two bids, Ice Town and Lakewood to host the SCAHA Pre-Select Camp and since there are no other bids, the Pre-Select camp will be at those two venues. The details have not been worked out as to which age division is going where but that information will be coming shortly. Ice Town is starting at 6:45 am and Lakewood is starting at 8:15 am.


At-large players will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please email LeAnn Doherty if you are aware of any out-of-state CA players. Also, injured players must document their injury if they are injured for the SCAHA Pre-Select camp. But be advised they must be well by the time of the CAHA camp. They must participate in the CAHA camp in order to advance.


SCAHA President Night:

LeAnn Doherty reported on a potential cost for the SCAHA president night from $30-$35 per person. Potential dates could be at the beginning of February and/or the end of February.


Next meeting is January 10th, 2007.


Motion to adjourn by James Mondragon and seconded by David Peterson. MOTION PASSED.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM.