January 10, 2007




Commissioner – Robert Doherty, Deputy Commissioner – Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Bob Driffill, Scholarship Chair – Laurie Boaz, Secretary – Rosemary Voulelikas, Member Services – Wendy Goldstein, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Associate Director –Tim Fahringer.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Anaheim Wildcats, Bay Harbor Red Wings, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, California Wave, Channel Island Riptide, Inland Valley Wild, LA Hockey Club, La Jolla Jaguars, LA Jr. Kings, Pasadena Maple Leafs, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Diego Ice Arena, San Diego Saints, West Valley Wolves and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.



Artesia Avalanche, Bakersfield Dragons, Huntington Beach Sun Devils (Cal Selects), Jr. Ice Dogs, Ontario Eagles, Valencia Express and Ventura Mariners.


Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.


It was determined seventeen (17) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.



The November 8th meeting minutes were distributed for review. Paula noted that Wendy Goldstein’s name was incorrectly written under Member Services Report. It should read Wendy Goldstein and not Wendy Blumberg. Kevin Cutbertson motioned to approve the minutes as amended and Paula Frankel seconded. MOTION PASSED.






Robert Doherty informed the board that he was able to secure the meeting room for the balance of this year. Our previous contact has since left the company that managed this building. Robert Doherty stated he would be working on securing this room for an additional year.


Robert Doherty reported that at the last CAHA board meeting, it was brought up by Ed Tar, the First VP of CAHA and by Charlie Fuertsch, the CAHA President that the leagues should be governing Tier I as well.  Robert Doherty went on to state he was not sure what “governing” meant.  He did not believe it referred to scheduling, but rather more towards holding penalty reviews, collecting rosters and possibly score sheets. He would like the presidents to send him their thoughts on whether SCAHA should be governing Tier I. In addition, Robert Doherty informed the board that the CAHA meeting is on January 27, 2007. If there are any issues the presidents would like for him to bring up they should email him by next week.


Sandy Blumberg added that the PWA1 Wildcats and the BNA Wolves should have an appeal in motion. What concerns her is that for the Youth Council Chair to not schedule a Youth Council meeting then Youth Council must not be in possession of the appeals. Paula Frankel stated she had received an answer from the Youth Council Chair saying they approved the PDR. Wendy Goldstein stated that they are in discussions regarding the two teams.


Robert Doherty informed the board that almost every sport league has some type of apparel identifying board members and he would like to see presidents having maybe a polo shirt with the SCAHA logo on it. Laura Ryan motioned to have SCAHA purchase for $20 or less polo shirts with the SCAHA logo on it for each SCAHA board member. Paula Frankel seconded. MOTION PASSED.



Sandy Blumberg reported that penalty reviews are way down but parent ejections are still occurring. A new problem that is happening with parent ejections is that score keepers are writing down parent ejection, referees are not filing the reports and parents are sitting. By the time Sandy Blumberg gets the report the parent has sat for 30 days without a hearing. LAHOA has been informed of the problem and they are being instructed to follow through with their reports. Sandy Blumberg would like the presidents to educate their managers to make sure they inform them immediately of a parent ejection and for the presidents to advise SCAHA that they are aware of a parent ejection.


Sandy Blumberg informed the board that team penalty minutes are getting very close to maximums. She would like to see the following presidents at the end of the meeting: the Avalanche, the Express, the Jr. Kings, the Mariners and the Wild.


Sandy Blumberg reported the rulebook has been updated and posted on the web site with all the rule changes regarding tiebreakers and such. The playoff committee just started meeting and has awarded bids to venues. Tony Romo could not be here tonight. Sandy Blumberg added she would send out an email when the committee is going to meet again for those that might be interested.



Bob Doherty informed the board that Chris Carcerano could not make the meeting tonight but did send out an email regarding all of the games that need to be rescheduled. All Tier II games have been rescheduled and all will have been played by the January 21st deadline. For A/B games some were rescheduled due to “loss of ice,” resulting from CAHA weekends and the SCAHA Select Camp. Other requests from A/B teams for rescheduling were denied. One request from a Squirt B team was granted. The team only has one goalie, and the goalie was ill with a Doctor’s note.


There are three (3) Girls’ games that have yet to be rescheduled. The home teams have until January 12th to find ice (dates and times) to play these games and they cannot conflict with their opponent. If the home teams do not submit the information, Chris Carcerano will reschedule the game at a venue of his choosing. The home team will be responsible for the cost of the ice, and officials regardless of which venue is chosen. The three (3) games are: Game #2352 BNA Lady Ducks (home) vs. Wildcats, game #2304 BNA Cal Select (home) vs. CA Bears and game #2349 Lady Ducks (home) vs. Wild.


Robert Doherty reported that Lisa England has stepped down as president of the Mariners. Scott Slinger is acting as president.



Annie Fisher distributed the team penalty minute totals as of December 31, 2006 to the board. She reported she will resend the penalty minute totals because she forgot to update the Squirt A and Squirt B divisions.



Bob Driffill distributed the financials dated December 31, 2006 to the board. He stated the Net Income as of December is about $74,000. We still have expenses, the SCAHA pre-select camp as well playoffs. And finally, the SCAHA team fees per club collected are also included with the financials on the last page.


Wendy Goldstein stated that as she receives the final rosters she will finalize the final player count and clubs will be notified of outstanding fees.



Bob Doherty asked for a show of hands for volunteers that want to take over this position. This is a CAHA/USA Hockey requirement. Bob Doherty asked Larry Cahn if he would be interested. Kevin Cutbertson asked if there was a detail description of the responsibilities involved for the position. Bob Doherty directed Kevin Cutbertson to the CAHA/USA Hockey web sites. Sandy Blumberg informed the board that many of the responsibilities are already being taken care of by the different directors. For example, maintain a list of all certified coaches and their levels- this is already being done by USA Hockey and our own Director of Member Services. Notifying all of the coaches of upcoming coaching certification clinics and communicate with the Pacific District Coach–in


Chief and that would be Larry Bruyere.  Bob Doherty added he would like the league’s A.C.E. coordinator to develop our young coaches through seminars, SCAHA pre-Select camp so that they may move up to the higher select camps.



Wendy Goldstein reported the final rosters were due to Turi Daniels, USA Hockey District Registrar, for Tier and for A rosters to Jill Miller, CAHA Member Services, December 31, 2006. In addition an email was sent to all registrars that they were to copy Wendy Goldstein the A/AA rosters by January 7, 2007. Wendy Goldstein informed the board that she is still missing A/AA rosters from the following clubs: the Wildcats, the Lightning, the Wave, the Wild, the Jr. Ice Dogs, the Eagles, the Jr. Gulls, the Saints and the Mariners. The B rosters are due January 15th.


There are roughly 65 different coaches who according to the USA Hockey web site have not certified. They will have to get certified in order to remain on the roster. Many of the coaches could have taken their appropriate certification in December and this explains why they do not appear on USAH’s web site. Please forward their copies of their coach’s card with the appropriate sticker indicating their newly acquired levels. If coaches have a Level III that has expired the re-certification can be done online. For those that have Level I or II unfortunately they can not recertify and must be removed immediately from the rosters.



No report at this time.



SCAHA Playoff Venues:

Robert Doherty announced that he just received an email from Tony Romo, SCAHA Playoff Committee Chair and the playoff venues have just been awarded. They are:

            Mite A/ Mite B               Westminster

            Squirt A                        Valley Ice Center (Wolves)

            Squirt B/ Peewee B       Simi Valley, Easy Street

            Peewee A                     Icetown, Riverside

            Bantam B                      Pickwick, Burbank

            Bantam A                      Ontario Center Ice

            Midget A 16U & 18U      Lakewood

            Semi-Finals                   Escondido

            Finals                           Toyota Sports Center, El Segundo


Once again, the Kings have donated the championships. There is no cost to SCAHA.

Robert Doherty expects support from the host clubs at all the venues. Please make sure that each SCAHA club whose venue is hosting the playoffs has volunteers in place making sure that everything runs smoothly. In addition, Bob Doherty asked for volunteers to work the Semis and the Finals and to be part of the playoff committee. All interested parties should email Tony Romo, or Sandy Blumberg and/or Bob Doherty.


In addition, SCAHA will be preparing the programs to give away to the participants. Annie Fisher stated that this will be the third year they are doing this and would like to break even. They are accepting ads, hockey grams, etc. Please encourage your membership to go out and get ads for the program. They should email the team pictures, ads, etc. to Annie Fisher.


Tier Playoffs:

Larry Cahn stated he would like to see the Tier II divisions extended beyond the allotted 5 teams. In addition, he is proposing that only those games scheduled by SCAHA and/or the CAHA weekends should count towards their performance review. Discussion followed. It was determined that Larry Cahn would head a committee to review Tier II playoff proposals. All those interested should email Robert Doherty.


Robert Doherty distributed the Hockey Giant discount cards to all the presidents to distribute to their teams.




Robert Doherty reported there were 628 players who participated in the Ducks C.H.A.M.P.S. night and 410 players who participated in the Kings C.H.A.M.P.S. night. Over 1600 tickets were distributed for the Ducks night and over 1150 tickets were distributed for the Kings night. There were various activities, zamboni rides, silent auctions, etc. Both the Kings and the Ducks want to do more activities for next year. SCAHA will be giving away a $2000 Ducks scholarship, a $2000 Kings scholarship and a $3000 Carmen Starr scholarship. This represents a grand total of $7000 in scholarships for hockey players (boys and girls) going away to college. SCAHA has yet to determine the actual amounts to be awarded to each recipient. Scholarship applications will be on the web site in the upcoming month.


This year the Kings are facilitating the donation of season holders’ tickets through their Kings Care Charity. SCAHA is the designated receiver of the tickets and the donors receive a tax receipt from SCAHA. SCAHA has been receiving anywhere from 0 to 25 season holder’s tickets and LeAnn has been randomly awarding them back to the players.


SCAHA Select:

Robert Doherty thanked Alex Dunaev and Ron White for hosting the camp at Riverside and Lakewood. The staff, the facilities, the referees, everything was well organized. The SCAHA pre-Select camp was held on December 16, 2006. There were 349 players who signed up in the four age groups. The largest group was the ’92 birth year players with 170 players attending. The camp was very successful and over 17 different clubs were represented at the Pre-Select camp. The one-day Select Camp worked out well this year and they recommend repeating it for next year as well. Robert Doherty thanked Tim Fahringer, LeAnn Doherty and all the volunteers, Wendy, Sandy, Laura, Bridget, Mr. Musico, and many more. Larry Cahn and James Jenner as well as James Gasseau did a great job with the evaluators.  The Cal State Long Beach Ice Hockey team came and Steve Switzer ran the goalie clinic. There were many other coaches that came. Please make sure to thank them all.


This year was the first time we had to rank the players. Not only did we submit our 12 selections for defense, we had to rank them from one to twelve.


SCAHA President Night:

Robert Doherty reported that not much has been done to date but will forward the information as soon as the details are worked out.


Next meeting is February 7th, 2007.


Motion to adjourn by Alex Dunaev and seconded by Bridget Hopkinson. MOTION PASSED.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.