February 7, 2007




Commissioner – Robert Doherty, Deputy Commissioner – Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Bob Driffill, Secretary – Rosemary Voulelikas and Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Anaheim Wildcats, Artesia Avalanche, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, Channel Island Riptide, Jr. Ice Dogs, LA Hockey Club, LA Jr. Kings, Ontario Eagles, Pasadena Maple Leafs, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Diego Ice Arena, San Diego Saints, Valencia Express, Ventura Mariners, West Valley Wolves and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.



Bakersfield Dragons, Bay Harbor Red Wings, California Wave, Huntington Beach Sun Devils (Cal Selects), Inland Valley Wild and La Jolla Jaguars.


Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


It was determined nineteen (19) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.



The January 10th meeting minutes were distributed for review. Laura Ryan stated that there was a misspelling of Kevin Culbertson’s name in the minutes. Laura motioned to approve the minutes as amended and Tom West seconded. MOTION PASSED.






Bob Doherty summarized the highlights of the January CAHA board of Directors’ meeting.

·         There will be no Midget B State playoffs:- SCAHA has an 18B division and NORCAL only has a 16B division

·         The bid packets for the CAHA mandated weekends will be ready sometime in March. There is a possibility of adding a 5th weekend.

·         CAHA is forming a Tier I task force. If interested please contact Therese Phillips, Youth Council Chair.

·         The affiliate fee will be increased next year by $4 for youth and by $2 for adult.

·         CAHA was referred to as the model for screening programs at the January USA Hockey meeting.

·         CAHA is looking for a rink liaison person. Interested parties should contact Charlie Fuerstch, CAHA president.

·         This year is a USA Hockey rule change year. Some of the proposals that will be voted on at the annual meeting in June are:

·         Changing the stick curvature from ½” to ¾”

·         Goaltending equipment dimensions to be adopted and enforced in 2009-2010 season

·         A minor penalty to be called for a player shooting the puck out of the playing area

·         Elimination of short handed icing

·         The removal of centerline off side pass rule.


Bob Doherty stated all rule change proposals may be viewed on USA Hockey’s web site. All comments should be sent to Charlie Fuerstch before the District meeting in February.


Bob Doherty stated that the screening of the LAHOA officials is proceeding and they have until 2/28/07 to comply. Beginning next season, all officials, including those working adult games will be required to submit to the screening program.


Bob Doherty reported that Charlie Fuerstch would not be seeking reelection for CAHA president for next season. The SCAHA Executive committee supports nominating Rosemary Voulelikas. In addition, he reminded the board that they should be reviewing their list of candidates for election of CAHA directors to the CAHA board. The candidates they are supporting should be candidates that will attend the CAHA board meetings. There were times this past year where issues were presented and because there were missing directors, SCAHA did not have a strong voice.



Sandy Blumberg reported that penalty review is going well. Sandy Blumberg stated that when we first instituted the SCAHA spectator ejection rule, we probably caught the majority of parental offenders in the first two years. This year we are seeing a different trend where referees are ejecting spectators possibly a little too prematurely.

Sandy Blumberg informed the board that she has had conversations with James Parker of LAHOA informing him that he needs to speak with the officials and advise them that if this trend continues SCAHA will be overturning many of the ejections. The player ejections is actually down at this time this year.


Sandy Blumberg informed the board that at the end of the CAHA meeting, Pacific District director Dick Coombs reported on a lawsuit that is currently going on in Alaska involving an official who tried to collect unemployment insurance when he lost his regular job. The IRS stated that the AHOA who paid this official should have been deducting taxes etc. USA Hockey is following this very closely as the final outcome of this lawsuit may have a huge impact on how things are done. Dick Coombs made three recommendations.

1.       Leagues should have a written contract with the local officiating organization,

2.       Leagues should not be scheduling the officials and

3.       Leagues should advise their clubs that they should not be paying their officials directly.


In Sandy Blumberg’s preliminary conversations, the consensus arrived at is that all the responsibilities should be shifted to the local official association. This might be the impetus that leads us to having centralized scheduling. It would be a lot easier for billing purposes, etc.


Sandy Blumberg informed the board that the Mite playoffs will not be held at Westminster. SCAHA is currently looking at other venues that originally submitted a bid. The teams will need to be advised.



No report at this time. Wendy Goldstein is absent.



Annie Fisher is absent. Bob Doherty reminded the board to make sure that the teams submit their team rosters and team pictures to Annie Fisher for inclusion into the SCAHA Playoff program. In addition, Bob stated that the programs are given to the players at no cost to them. He is encouraging clubs to support it by buying advertising space, hockey grams, etc.



Chris Carcerano informed the board that 9 additional games would be added to the schedule in order to balance games played in the divisions as a result of the girls’ exhibition games. The home team for these additional games was based on the balance between their home and away games. Chris stated he has already emailed many of the clubs affected by this and stated that it would be okay to play the games during the week provided it is okay with the visiting team.


Chris Carcerano also stated that he overlooked the girls’ CAHA mandated weekend of March 3-4th. This weekend is usually reserved for making up games. There are 6 exhibition games that he is proposing to remove from the schedule for that weekend. They are in the Bantam A division-Cal Selects vs. Saints and LAHC vs. Lady Ducks; in the Midget 16A division- Cal selects vs. LAHC; and in the Peewee A division- Lady Vipers vs. Wolves, Lady Ducks vs. Jr. Gulls and Lady Vipers vs. Blackhawks. Laura Ryan motioned to cancel the above listed 6 games for the Mar. 3-4 weekend from the SCAHA schedule and Bridget Hopkinson seconded. Discussion followed. MOTION PASSED.



Bob Driffill distributed the financials dated January 31, 2007 to the board. He stated to contact him if there are any questions. Bob Driffill pointed out the player count totals for each club collected. Rosemary Voulelikas asked if Wendy Goldstein provided a final roster player count. Bob Driffill answered that Wendy Goldstein would be emailing clubs owing SCAHA fees based on the final roster player count. In addition, he informed the board that forfeit notices are sent by either Annie Fisher or Laurie Boaz. Bob Driffill stated there is one forfeit invoice outstanding- Squirt A game #1428 Wolves vs. Riptide.



Bob Doherty reported that he has received a couple of recommendations for A.C.E. coordinator from San Diego Ice Arena. The Executive committee is recommending Larry Cahn as A.C.E. coordinator for SCAHA to be effective immediately. He will be contacting the other nominees to see if they are interested in volunteering their time in other areas.



No report at this time.




Bob Doherty reported the new SCAHA logo proposed has the CA flag in place of the Canadian flag.

Kevin Culbertson motioned to adopt the new SCAHA logo and Tom West seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Next Season Manager’s Meeting:

The managers’ meeting this year was very successful and informative. SCAHA would like to hold a managers’ meeting next year as well. SCAHA will hand out a package to every manager and a CD with relevant documents and information. Bob Doherty is asking the presidents to provide SCAHA with feedback as to what they would like to have included in the CD and handouts.


Bob Doherty informed the board that he would also like for SCAHA to have a separate meeting regarding “playing at the next level”. He stated that he could arrange to have Junior B/A, college scouts and various people from hockey camps to attend. He would like SCAHA to cover the cost for this meeting. Laura Ryan suggested we could charge a small fee similar to what we charge the managers for the manager’s meeting. Bob Doherty stated he would look into possibly having the meeting in May or at the end of the summer and report back to the board.


2007-2008 SCAHA Player Dues:

Bob Doherty reported that SCAHA is proposing to increase the player SCAHA fees by $3 per player. Player dues would be $30 per player as opposed to the current $27/player. SCAHA is also proposing a SCAHA coach fee of $10 for every rostered SCAHA coach. Sandy Blumberg added that clubs are not monitoring their coaches as well and SCAHA is now finding itself performing several audits of coaches throughout the season checking for coaching certification, screening, etc.


And finally Bob Doherty informed the board that CAHA has an opening for treasurer. Curt Castagna resigned as treasurer of CAHA. Please forward your recommendations to Charlie Fuerstch.



2007 Playoffs:

Bob Doherty stated that due to rising costs and trying to keep the playoff fee down to $1250/team he would like a motion to increase the playoff budget line item by $5000. Ron White motioned to increase the budget playoff line item by $5000 and to take the money from the reserves. Laura Ryan seconded. MOTION PASSED.



LeAnn Doherty stated she sent emails to all the CHAMPS coordinators advising them of the spring check-ups on report cards in mid season. There will be drawings for various prizes using these mid season reports.


SCAHA President Night:

LeAnn Doherty informed the board to save the date of February 23, 2007, as the date of the SCAHA presidents’ appreciation dinner. The dinner is going to be held at the Phoenix Club Pavillion in Anaheim for 7 PM.


CAHA Board of directors:

Bob Doherty stated he would like for the presidents to start thinking about potential candidates for CAHA directors.


Next meeting is March 14th, 2007.


Motion to adjourn by James Mondragon and seconded by Lisa England. MOTION PASSED.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.