March 14, 2007




Commissioner – Robert Doherty, Deputy Commissioner – Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Bob Driffill, Secretary – Rosemary Voulelikas, Scholarship Chair – Laurie Boaz, A.C.E. Coordinator – Larry Cahn, Associate Director – Tim Fahringer, Director of Member Services – Wendy Goldstein, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Anaheim Wildcats, Artesia Avalanche, Bakersfield Dragons, Bay Harbor Red Wings, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, Channel Island Riptide, Jr. Ice Dogs, LA Hockey Club, LA Jr. Kings, Ontario Eagles, Pasadena Maple Leafs, San Diego Jr. Gulls, San Diego Ice Arena, San Diego Saints, Ventura Mariners and West Valley Wolves.



California Wave, Huntington Beach Sun Devils (Cal Selects), Inland Valley Wild, La Jolla Jaguars, Valencia Express, and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.


Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


It was determined sixteen (16) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.



The February 7th meeting minutes were distributed for review. Kevin Culbertson motioned to approve the minutes and Joe Conrad seconded. MOTION PASSED.



Bob Doherty introduced James Cefaly of the LA Kings. James Cefaly informed the board that for the 42 teams in the semi playoffs, each player and coach will receive two tickets to the Kings game vs. Vancouver on March 29, 2007. They will also have a presentation where they will introduce the winners of each division. In addition they will have a special offer for purchasing additional tickets for family members at $15/ ticket.


James Cefaly reminded the board of the upcoming Coach’s Clinic this Saturday at Staples center. In addition to the Kings’ coaching staff, members of the Columbus Blue Jackets coaching staff will also be present.



Bob Doherty informed the board that Mike Callahan would be appealing the Disciplinary Review Committee’s decision resulting from a hearing conducted on March 5, 2007 to the full SCAHA board. Mike Callahan is asking the board to reduce his 30-day suspension to 15-days to match those of his players. Sandy Blumberg summarized the findings for the board. A video of the CAHA State playoff game Jr. Kings MDAA16U vs San Jose Jr. Sharks was played for the board. Mike Callahan was suspended for 30 days beginning September 1, 2007 as a result of the incidents that occurred during this playoff game.


Sandy Blumberg read a prepared statement from the Disciplinary Committee. “ The decision to suspend coach Callahan was based on the following. The players on the team behaved in a way that was both embarrassing and detrimental. They committed these acts during a CAHA state playoff game. The coach should have been aware that the frustration level of the players had escalated to a point that there was a reasonable chance that there would be an incident at the end of the game. Players engaged in fighting violated the USA Hockey code of conduct. … Coach Callahan should have been aware of CAHA rule 7.5 which deals with the sanctions assessed when players leave the bench during an altercation.


Bob Doherty introduced Coach Mike Callahan to the board who presented his case. Mike Callahan answered questions and commented. Discussions followed in a closed session. Joe Conrad motioned to keep the 30-day suspension and Jim Meaney seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Sandy Blumberg thanked all the venues; volunteers and host clubs for a successful first round playoff. She congratulated all the teams that advanced to the semi-playoffs in Escondido.



Wendy Goldstein distributed a list showing the players registered per club and the SCAHA player fees paid and/or outstanding. In addition, a list of all the players new to SCAHA per club was also distributed along with the SCAHA patches. Wendy Goldstein reported that she was extremely surprised and disappointed to hear from the playoff venues that teams showed up without their credentials. This occurred at every level and age division.



Annie Fisher informed the board that she would be sending out the SCAHA Award patches, hat trick, playmaker and shut out patches. In addition, she informed the board that she would finalize the penalty minutes as well as the game suspensions at the conclusion of the final playoffs. Annie Fisher advised the board to review the final suspension list very carefully, as many of the suspensions will be carried over to the new season.



Chris Carcerano reported that there were some questions regarding tiebreakers and goal differentials. The differential applies to the teams that are tied and not all the games they played in the playoffs.  He stated it is correct and it follows USA Hockey’s tiebreaker rules. Chris Carcerano thanked all the venues and Ron White for their support.


Ron White announced that Gabe Gauthier signed with the LA Kings. He was a former South Coast player.



Bob Driffill distributed the financials dated February 28, 2007 to the board. He stated to contact him if there are any questions. Bob Driffill stated that there are two outstanding club fines still owed. Notices have been sent out. Rosemary Voulelikas asked about the Champs line item. The revenue shows $6,000 and the expense shows $10,000. Bob Driffill stated that some of the monies for scholarships that came from the Champs are included in the Contribution line items.


Chris Carcerano added that he would be sending an email to all the clubs regarding playoff pictures. Each team will be able to submit 10 photos per team per playoff game. Please do not put captions or club logos on the photos. Chris Carcerano stated he would like to create a playoff page on the web site.



Bob Doherty reported that Louis Pacella resigned his position as Parliamentarian. Bob Doherty would like the board to ratify the Parliamentarian position by adding John Silberstein as the SCAHA Parliamentarian. Kevin Culbertson motioned to ratify the Executive Committee as proposed and Laura Ryan seconded. MOTION PASSED.


Bob Doherty thanked the Anaheim Wildcats and Konstantin Lodna for stepping up and hosting the Mite A/B playoffs. Bob Doherty reported that this year the playoffs went very smoothly with very few issues and/or problems.


Bob Doherty informed the board that the SCAHA polo shirts are on order with the new logos and should be ready by the next SCAHA board meeting. The cost came in at $30. SCAHA will control the use of the logo. If additional items are needed please contact Bob Doherty. And finally, SCAHA will produce a new SCAHA patch with the new logo to distribute to all SCAHA members next season.



Bob Doherty reported that Larry Cahn was appointed and accepted the position of the A.C.E. Coordinator for SCAHA.



Pacific District Results:

California has 11 of the 12 District divisions going to the National Championships and 6 out of the 8 youth divisions was won by a SCAHA team.


Tier II - Girls’/Women: 19U Cal Selects, 16U Cal Selects, 14U Alaska Firebirds and 12U Lady Ducks


Tier I – District Championships: 18U Anaheim Jr. Ducks, 16U LA Hockey Club Selects, 14U LA Hockey Club and 12U LA Hockey Club


Tier II District Championships: 18U San Jose Jr. Sharks, 16U California Stars, 14U California Stars and 12U San Jose Jr. Sharks


Tier II Playoff Format Rule Proposal:

Larry Cahn distributed two versions of the proposal. Both versions of the proposal eliminate the league births and only the CAHA mandated weekends count towards performance records and standings. In divisions with 9 teams or less, CAHA will schedule two rounds of play. Version 1 of the proposal basically expands the number of teams in playoffs and version 2 adds a qualifying weekend to determine playoff berths.



Next Season’s Manager’s meeting:

Bob Doherty informed the board that he has yet to receive information from the clubs with regards to forms, data, etc. that they would like to see included in the manager’s CD. He needs this as soon as possible.


2007-2008 SCAHA Dues:

Bob Doherty proposed to raise the SCAHA player fee from $27 per player to $30 per player. The SCAHA fee has remained the same for many years. Rosemary Voulelikas motioned to increase the SCAHA fee from $27/player to $30/player and David Peterson seconded. Discussion followed. MOTION PASSED.


Bob Doherty proposed to charge a $10 fee for each coach rostered, per coach not per team. Discussion followed. Larry Cahn stated that there is a lot of work tracking coaches from coaching certification levels, CAHA screening, etc. Chris Carcerano motioned to charge the clubs a flat $5 fee per coach and Dave Marzullo seconded. Vote ended in a tie. MOTION DID NOT CARRY.



Bob Doherty reported that the C.H.A.M.P.S. program did not run at a loss. Bob Doherty informed the board that SCAHA has 3 scholarships to give out. SCAHA has received the following: 2 x $1000 scholarships from the Kings, 2 x $1000 from the Ducks and 3 x $1000 scholarships from SCAHA. Please send all the labels of all your seniors to LeAnn Doherty. SCAHA would like to receive the address labels as soon as possible so that they can send out the applications.


Regular Season Banners:

Bob Doherty asked for a motion on whether SCAHA should continue with the Regular Season Banners. Kevin Culbertson motioned to award Regular Season Banners to the division winners and Bridget Hopkinson seconded. MOTION PASSED.


CAHA Board:

Rosemary Voulelikas informed the board that she will be sending out the CAHA nomination letter and forms to all of the club presidents and registrars in the next week.


Next meeting is April 11th, 2007.


Motion to adjourn by Paula Frankel and seconded by Tom West. MOTION PASSED.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.