July 11, 2007




Commissioner – Robert Doherty, Deputy Commissioner – Sandy Blumberg, Treasurer – Bob Driffill, Secretary – Rosemary Voulelikas, Scholarship Chair – Laurie Boaz-excused, A.C.E. Coordinator – Larry Cahn, Associate Director – Tim Fahringer, Parliamentarian - John Silberstein, Director of Member Services – Wendy Goldstein, Statistician – Annie Fisher and Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano.



Anaheim Jr. Ducks, Artesia Avalanche, Bakersfield Dragons, Bay Harbor Red Wings, Beach City Lightning, California Bears, California Stars, California Wave, Inland Valley Wild, LA Hockey Club, La Jolla Jaguars, LA Jr. Kings, Ontario Eagles, Pasadena Maple Leafs, San Diego Ice Arena, San Diego Jr. Gulls and San Diego Saints.



Anaheim Wildcats, Channel Island Riptide, Jr. Ice Dogs, Valencia Express, Ventura Mariners-excused, West Valley Wolves-excused and Yorba Linda Blackhawks.


Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.


It was determined sixteen (16) Presidents were present at the meeting enough for a quorum.


Bob Doherty introduced James Cefaly of the LA Kings Fan Development to present the checks to the Champs and Carmen Starr scholarship recipients. Michael Gibbs was introduced and congratulated on being awarded the Carmen Starr scholarship. Andrew Hodges was introduced and congratulated on being awarded the Kings Champs scholarship and Ashton Blake Christian was introduced and congratulated on being awarded the Ducks Champs scholarship.



Bob Doherty introduced James Parker, President of LAHOA who will be presenting LAHOA’s contract proposal. In summary some of the proposed changes are the following:

·         An increase from $1 to $4 per official/linesman depending on age division

·         Single game fee increased from $5 per official to $10 per official

·         Travel Fees increase of $35 per official who must travel in excess of 45 miles one-way (90 miles round trip) as opposed to last season’s $30 per official who must travel in excess of 50 miles one-way (100 miles round trip).

·         The maximum amount for each club to pay travel fees is increased from $300 cap to $350 cap.

·         Late scheduling fee increased as well to $10 when less than 7 days and $15 scheduling fees when less than 48 hours.


The presentation was followed by a question and answer period. Bob Doherty thanked James Parker. The SCAHA board of directors discussed LAHOA’s contract at length. Bob Doherty stated that the biggest problem SCAHA has with LAHOA, is LAHOA’s lack of accountability of its officials. For example, officials skating with their hands in their pockets and/or leaning against the boards while officiating at the younger divisions. Bob Doherty reminded the board that the Executive Committee did not recommend approving LAHOA’s contract and therefore asked LAHOA to present its contract proposal to the SCAHA board.


Sandy Blumberg stated that she recommends that SCAHA spend some time preparing a counter proposal that would rework LAHOA’s contract proposal and emphasize accountability. Sandy Blumberg believes we need to spend some time reworking it, shortening the contract and coming up with a redline proposal. Sandy stated she is not a big fan of SCAHA taking over all of their discipline but would like to see SCAHA being able to attend their discipline hearings. Sandy Blumberg stated she would be more than happy to rework the proposal and come up with a document (possible a three year contract or less) that would itemize milestones for the officials to achieve that would provide for increases in the subsequent year depending on their

GUEST (cont’d)

performance. Bob Doherty stated that the SCAHA board should send Bob or Sandy an email with their thoughts based on the discussions above.



The June 13th meeting minutes were distributed for review. Kevin Culbertson stated that there are a couple of errors in the minutes. Firstly, Ron Mayhew of the Wildcats was present as well as Bakersfield. And lastly, in the section titled Statistician Report, the correction should read  “…the motion to approve the…” and not above. Louis Soltero motioned to approve the minutes as amended above and Joe Conrad seconded. MOTION PASSED.



Bob Doherty summarized the CAHA Annual meeting held in June. The following candidates were elected. Ron White, Bridget Hopkinson, Chris Carcerano, Wendy Goldstein, Bob Driffill, Kevin Culbertson, Steve Laing and Kathy McGarrigle. Chris Carcerano is the new CAHA coach in chief. Wendy Goldstein will oversee the screening and Bob Driffill is the new CAHA treasurer.


Bob Doherty distributed a Mini-Mite proposal. Unfortunately, we will need to table it for now. Please email Tim Fahringer your thoughts and comments regarding this. The motivation behind this proposal is to increase the number of players and not the cost. Bob Doherty distributed the CAHA mandated weekends complete with the venues. He stated he also emailed all the presidents the CAHA Youth Rule changes. For all those that did not receive it, please email Bob Doherty and he will resend them.



Wendy Goldstein reminded the board to continue to send the LOI’s as well as the player-ups in a timely fashion, once a week, and to make sure that birth certificates of all players new to SCAHA are submitted as well. Wendy Goldstein stated that by August 17th teams should have the minimum required players in order to be included in the pre-season schedule. For pre-season the minimum is 10 players/teams for all teams and then by final declarations 13 players/team for Peewee, Bantam and Midget teams. For all Tier teams the minimum requirement is 15 players/ Tier team by the 15th of September.


Bob Doherty informed the board that Wendy Goldstein is working on a new SCAHA patch design. Every SCAHA member will receive the new SCAHA patch.


Bob Doherty stressed that player-up forms must be submitted as soon as possible. Player-up players will not be allowed to participate on teams without this form.



Chris Carcerano stated that he would not be wavering on deadlines this year. Please meet the deadlines. Chris Carcerano distributed a chart showing the preliminary declarations of teams this year. Chris stated that he performed a quick analysis and found that contrary to popular belief, the number of teams has increased in the course of the last four years. The preliminary declarations of teams this year is:

·         AA18U & AA16U – 12 teams each

·         BN AA – 13 teams and PW AA - 8 teams

·         18A – 11 teams and 16A - 16 teams

·         BNA – 19 teams and BN B – 6 teams

·         PWA – 12 teams and PW B - 11 teams

·         SQA – 18 teams and SQB - 13 teams

·         Mite A – 8 teams and Mite B - 9 teams


Chris Carcerano stated that SCAHA has in the past reviewed pre-season data and has made calls to strongly urge teams to move down a level when the data supports it. Not all clubs follow SCAHA’s recommendation and many times SCAHA has been correct in its analysis of where these teams should be playing.


Chris Carcerano distributed a preliminary SCAHA calendar for discussion only. Please do not pass this out and/or post this schedule on your web sites.



August 17th is the deadline for submitting the following information:

·         Pre-season A/B declarations

·         A/B ice slots

·         Tier II declarations

·         Tier II ice slots


Chris Carcerano informed the board that there are 5-mandated Tier II CAHA weekends of play with the 5th weekend being a qualifying weekend. The SCAHA pre-select camp will most likely be a two-day camp this year. Please take note that the SCAHA playoff dates are preliminary. Once we have the CAHA playoff dates will be able to firm up those dates.


Bob Doherty affirmed that SCAHA would be still scheduling Tier II games but please take note that the SCAHA Tier II games will not count towards the performance record.  Chris Carcerano stated that SCAHA would schedule the Tier II games right after Labor Day and that the schedule would be front-loaded. Chris Carcerano reminded the board that teams have to play their SCAHA games. They have the flexibility to reschedule and they MUST play their SCAHA games. Chris reiterated there is NO re-scheduling of A/B games.



Bob Driffill stated there is no report at this time.



Annie Fisher stated there is no report at this time.



Larry Cahn reminded the board of the proposal of having coaching clinics to introduce checking. Chris Carcerano proposed a great idea of recording the clinic by video this Sunday. This way we can send the video out to the club presidents to review and distribute to their coaches.


Chris Carcerano would like to start posting articles written by coaches that provide insights to new techniques, a better way of coaching, etc. SCAHA has a coach’s corner but it is not updated. He would like for the presidents to solicit their coaches to write articles, etc. The first article we will be posting is the video and a small write up of the checking clinic.


Bob Doherty read a statement from Ron White regarding registering for the Level 4 coaching clinic in Reno, Nevada. At this time the USA Hockey web site is down and registering for the clinic off of the USA Hockey web site is next to impossible. For those needing to register they can access the enrollment requests from the Pacific District’s coaching web site at



None at this time.



Manager’s meeting this year is Sunday, August 26th, 2007 in Anaheim. Details regarding location and times will be posted on the SCAHA web site. Bob Doherty once again reminded the board to send any information they feel would be useful for managers to have.


Scholarship Applications:

Bob Doherty read a statement from Laurie Boaz. All documentation for scholarship requests must be received no later than Saturday, October 13th, 2007. Please make sure to send documents by regular mail with “no signature” required. No late applications will be accepted. Only applicants receiving scholarships will be notified via regular mail by the week of November 19th, 2007. And the money being awarded will be applied to the player’s December dues and sent directly to the clubs.


Laura Ryan suggested that we move up the date one month earlier to September 15th. The scholarship committee members are currently Laurie Boaz and LeAnn Doherty. Laura Ryan stated she would be interested in serving on the scholarship committee.



LeAnn Doherty stated that clubs could start collecting the end-of-the year report cards now.


Bob Doherty reiterated that SCAHA is always looking for volunteers.


Next meeting is August 8th, 2007.


Motion to adjourn by James Mondragon and seconded by Louis Soltero. MOTION PASSED.


Meeting adjourned at 9:51 PM