May 14, 2008




Robert Doherty (Commissioner), Sandy Blumberg (Deputy Commissioner), Bob Driffill (Treasurer), Rosemary Voulelikas (Secretary), Wendy Goldstein (Member Services), Chris Carcerano ( Ice Convener), Annie Fisher (Statistician), John Silberstein (Parliamentarian), Arthur Kitano (Referee-in-Chief) and Laurie Boaz (Director).











Anaheim Junior Ducks



Los Angeles Jr. Kings



Anaheim Wildcats



LA Hockey Club



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Ontario Eagles



Bakersfield Dragons



Pasadena Maple Leafs



Bay Harbor Red Wings



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Yorba Linda Blackhawks



La Jolla Jaguars





Commissioner Bob Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:13 pm.



Laura Ryan moved to approve the minutes of the April meeting.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Bob Doherty introduced Dave Pauluzzi, of the J. Serra High School Hockey team, who came to inform the presidents of the high school hockey program being started there. Dave Pauluzzi explained their goals and would like to schedule exhibition games independently with SCAHA teams. Their team is a Midget A16U team and the sport will be a winter sport. It will include 1993, 1992 and 1994 birth years.


Commissioner’s Report

Bob Doherty reminded the presidents to cast their votes for the CAHA elections. Bob reported on the CAHA Youth council meeting- rule revision meeting.


Deputy Commissioner’s Report

Sandy Blumberg informed the presidents of the specific rule proposals that will be voted on in the CAHA annual meeting in June.  

·         The CAHA rule 7.5 was discussed and the following proposal will be submitted. “Any player or coach who leaves the game bench or penalty box during an altercation shall result in the immediate suspension of the head coach for 30 days or until a hearing is held. Player shall be subject to supplemental discipline as allowed by USA Hockey.”

·         The signing of the score sheets to be in effect this upcoming year.

·         CAHA asked the leagues to discuss the PDR rule as to whether the rule is viable or not. The consensus from the SCAHA board is that the PDR rule is still viable.


Sandy informed the board regarding the consolidation of Tier II programs. The major problem is the lack of information provided to the leagues. Another problem is the lack of understanding by the parents as to which program their player will count towards for PDR.

  • The rule proposal is: “The clubs may with the approval of their respective leagues agree to consolidate their Tier II programs and in this case, players from either club may count towards PDR.”
  • For Tier I the rule proposal is to have the Tier I game schedule submitted to the Tier I commissioner by the 25th of each month for the following month’s game schedule. If a Tier I team fails to comply a $50 fine will be imposed.
  • For Tier II proposing that all Tier II teams must play teams in their division within their league at least once in addition to the CAHA weekends.
  • And finally during playoffs if a team intentionally forfeits any of its games during playoffs and becomes involved in a tie breaking formula then all of its games during the playoffs would be forfeited.


Sandy Blumberg presented the SCAHA proposed rule changes for approval. The document was emailed to all the SCAHA presidents for review and discussion. The approved rule changes are:


SCAHA Bylaws:

Section 4:

4.11     This bylaw has to do changing the date regarding jersey style and color changes….Approval must occur by June 1st (changed from April 1st) with the change in effect the following season.

New:   Effective with the 2008/09 season, existing member clubs shall have one name and one jersey.  Tier I teams and consolidated Tier II programs may be excluded from this requirement.

New:   Consolidation of member clubs Tier II programs require written notification which includes detailed program structure be submitted to both SCAHA and CAHA for review and approval by April 30th.  None of the clubs involved in the consolidation can field separate Tier II teams while the consolidation exists.

Laura Ryan motioned to accept the proposed rule changes as mentioned in Section 4.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 5:

5.05     Omit Last Line …It is highly recommended that all member clubs obtain insurance for Directors Errors and Omissions. Bridget Hopkinson motioned to accept the proposed rule change as stated.                                                     (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 8:

8.03     (change all wording to the following)  Failure of any member club to attend 2 consecutive meetings or missing 3 meetings in a season shall result in automatic probationary status as described in bylaw 4.08a.  A second violation of this rule shall result in formal probation as described in rule 408b. Bridget Hopkinson motioned to accept the proposed rule changes in Section 8 as stated.                                                         (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 9:

9.12     Add (e) to existing list:  Advise clubs who do not attend meetings regarding rules related to attendance and any resulting change in club status. Bridget Hopkinson motioned to approve the proposed rule change.                                        (motion SECONDED and PASSED)



SCAHA Rules and Regulations:

Section 17:

New:   Parent conduct, before during or after a game is subject to review and possible sanction by SCAHA.  Bridget Hopkinson motioned to approve the proposed rule change.                                                                                                  (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 18:

18.06   Once a parent/legal guardian or player has signed a Letter of Intent, he or she may not try out for any other team or club.  (Balance of rule will become rule 18.07 and the following shall be added to rule 18.06)  Any player who continues to tryout after signing a Letter of Intent shall be immediately suspended until such time as his/her status has been determined by SCAHA.  There will also be a $500 fine assessed to the parent of such player. Dave Bigelow motioned to accept the proposed rule changes as written in Section 18.

(motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 19:

19.05…Failure to register and roster can mean forfeiture of all subject games. Bridget Hopkinson     motioned to accept the proposed rule change 19.05. (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 22:

22.01:  Keep Block Recruitment, but make a specific number that may move from roster to roster.  Mite and Squirts 5 players; Peewee- Midget 6 players. Kevin Culbertson motioned to accept the proposed rule change for rule 22.01.                   (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 26:

New:   Prior to the start of each game, and following the warm up, teams will be required to line up on their respective blue lines in numeric order so that the referee may verify players who are in attendance as well as to perform a general safety/equipment check.

26.10:  Tier II teams… Add bullets –

  • The team canceling the game is always responsible for the cost of the new game as well as the cost of referees for the cancelled game if less than 7 days notice is given.
  • The home team is responsible for referees regardless of which venue the new game is played at.
  • The club shall be fined $500 if the make up game is not played within 30 days.

Bridget Hopkinson motioned to accept the proposed rule change 26.10 as presented above.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

26.16:  Add   Penalty box attendants must be neutral and may not coach player or engage the referee at any time.

26.18   Clubs failing to submit score sheets by the prescribed deadline of 3 days will be warned by the league and upon a second notification from the league be assessed a $50.

Kevin Culbertson motioned to accept the proposed rule change, New, 26.16 and 26.18 as written.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 28: The changes reflect housekeeping rules – removing “revert” language.


Section 29:

Kevin Culbertson motioned to accept the proposed rule changes for Section 28 and Section 29 -articles 29.01, 29.03, 29.05, 29.08, 29.11 and 29.12 as written and presented in the document.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 30:

30.02: Add to the end of rule…..for the duration of the entire SCAHA season including tournament teams or out-of-state teams.  Any players found to have violated this rule shall be subject to immediate suspension pending a hearing.

Section 32:

32.03:  CHANGE    Individual players must play a minimum of 10 games with their team, 6 of which must be SCAHA league games.

Section 32: (Cont’d)

32.04:  Add word: ….ineligible for SCAHA and CAHA “A” Championships.

Kevin Culbertson motioned to accept the proposed rule changes for Section 30 and section 32 as

written.                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Section 34:

34.06 (f):         Eliminate entirely (see g)

34.06 (g):        Reword:   In Semi-Final and Championship games, the game will continue with regulation sudden death overtime periods until a winner is determined.

Kevin Culbertson motioned to approve articles 34.06 (f) and (g) as written.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

34.06 (i):         If a team no-shows (instead of “forfeits”) one or more games in the tournament, all the games it has played or would play shall be forfeited and shall be recorded as 1-0 victories for the opposing team(s). Bridget Hopkinson motioned to approve article 34.06 (i) as written.                                               (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Section 35:

New (35.06):   Coaches will be held accountable for their entire bench including players and assistant coaches.

35.10 (b):        Omit entirely

35.13 (c):        Any team incurring fifteen (15) penalties in a game is an automatic Game Misconduct assessed to the head coach signing the scoresheet for the affected game.  When the head coach is not in attendance, the designated head coach shall be assessed the Game Misconduct when the designation is made prior to the game. Otherwise, all coaches on the scoresheet shall be assessed the Game Misconduct.

New (35.17):   Use of tobacco in any form on the game bench is specifically prohibited.  

35.19:                          Failure to comply with all the rules contained herein as well as all USA Hockey or CAHA rules or codes of conduct could result in immediate dismissal…….

Kevin Culbertson motioned to accept the above proposed rule changes in Section 35 as written.                                                                          (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Sandy Blumberg distributed two documents and reported on the LAHOA approved document.

Rosemary Voulelikas motioned to accept the proposed LAHOA contract with the amendment to

add a 60-day cancellation clause. Discussion followed.         (motion SECONDED and FAILED)


Bridget Hopkinson motioned to postpone the vote on the LAHOA contract until the next meeting.

                                                                                                            (motion SECONDED and PASSED)

Staff Reports

Member Services – Wendy Goldstein distributed the 2008-2009 season LOI’s to the club presidents.




Meeting was adjourned at 9:57 pm