November 12, 2008




Robert Doherty (Commissioner), Sandy Blumberg (Deputy Commissioner), Rosemary Voulelikas (Secretary), John Silberstein (Parliamentarian), Laurie Boaz (Director), Wendy Goldstein (Member Services), Annie Fisher (Statistician), Chris Carcerano (Ice Convener) and Nancy Hodge (A.C.E. Coordinator).











Anaheim Junior Ducks



Los Angeles Jr. Kings



Anaheim Wildcats



LA Hockey Club



Artesia Avalanche



OC Hockey Club



Bakersfield Dragons



Ontario Eagles



Bay Harbor Red Wings



Pasadena Maple Leafs



Beach City Lightning



San Diego Gulls



California Golden Bears



San Diego Ice Arena



California Stars



San Diego Saints



Channel Islands Riptide



Valencia Express



Inland Valley Wild



Ventura Mariners



Junior Ice Dogs



West Valley Wolves



La Jolla Jaguars





Commissioner Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:14 pm.



Kevin Culbertson moved to approve the minutes of the October 8, 2008 meeting.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Guest (s)

Bob Doherty introduced Steve Laing, the new CAHA president. He will address the board later on in the meeting.


Commissioner’s Report

Bob Doherty informed the board that the next Youth council meeting and CAHA board meeting is next week and if there are any topics or issues that the presidents would like for Bob to present to please email him.


Bob Doherty reiterated what the three steps a coach must go through before he may appear on any youth roster. The first step is to get the appropriate coaching certification levels. The second step is to submit to the CAHA screening and the last step is getting rostered on a USA Hockey roster (purchasing USAH membership). This process was explained in detail at the SCAHA managers meeting held in August. Bob Doherty informed the board that so far this season, we have had many instances with coaches on game benches that do not appear on rosters, or coaches on game benches who have never been screened.  Managers and head coaches are responsible to make sure that this doesn’t happen.


Bob Doherty reminded the presidents that you can not change allocated ice slots unless there is an “act of God,” and having another game is not considered an “act of God.”


Deputy Commissioner’s Report

Sandy Blumberg stated she is happy to report that the lines of communication between SCAHA and LAHOA are better than ever before. They are working together as a team and being proactive to identify problems and resolve them before they get out of hand. Sandy thanked Brent Tubbs for being an integral part of this process.


Sandy Blumberg reported that there have been four (4) spectator ejections however; these persons are not affiliated with the teams, meaning they are not parents on teams. This is unusual. Prior to this year this has only happened once before. Sandy Blumberg stated that managers should not be in the score keeper’s box. They need to be in the stands making sure those parents, and/or spectators remain in control. Managers can always ask for the assistance of rink personnel in order to help with spectators that are out of control. She would appreciate if managers email her directly regarding parent ejections on their teams.


Sandy Blumberg informed the board that payment of officials in a timely manner is becoming an issue. There are a few clubs that are struggling with this. Contractually speaking, the officials need to be paid within 30 days of the completed games. There are a couple of clubs that are consistently going past the 30 days. LAHOA has been patient. Their last resort will be that LAHOA will be asking for cash payment at the games.


Sandy Blumberg reported that there are three clubs that will be receiving an email from her regarding the Coach’s Helmet rule violation occurring at their club. This will be considered the first official warning-offense. If you remember the next offense comes with a suspension. Please refer to SCAHA rule 24.07.


Sandy reported that there have been a few hearings held already- match penalties, spectator ejections, etc. In addition they have just held a hearing regarding SCAHA rule 19.08 where a player can only be signed to two clubs of record in a season.  If you are the second club of record, the rule states that you are not able to release the player. Please pay special attention to this especially if a player comes to you on a release and later on in the season they ask to be released to another club.


Staff Reports

Member Services – Wendy Goldstein distributed the player fee charts showing outstanding balances owed by clubs. This includes any new players that clubs may have added.


Statistician – Annie Fisher informed the board that she has Ontario Reign tickets for anyone that would like to purchase them. They are for this upcoming Saturday’s game and the cost of the tickets are $12 each. Annie informed the board that the Permit to Play for Exhibition and Tournament games will be available online starting tomorrow.


Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano reiterated that for the Bantam A and Midget A16U divisions, SCAHA will be adding an additional game to all of the Bantam A teams and to the majority of the Midget A16U teams. This is because currently these divisions only have 15 games counting towards the standings due in part to the fact that there are two Girls’ teams in each of these divisions. Chris also stated that this year more than any other year the task of completing the schedule was very complicated. Bob Doherty added that this year more of the SCAHA rinks hosted the CAHA Tier II weekends which made scheduling the SCAHA games very difficult to say the least.


Treasurer’s Report

Bob Driffill distributed the financial statements dated October 31, 2008 as well as the proposed budget for the 2008-2009 season. Bob Driffill stated that the board still has to approve the budget and it will require a motion. In comparison to last year’s numbers, this year’s totals are roughly 5.5% higher especially in the larger line items such as playoffs and scholarships.  Rosemary Voulelikas motioned to approve the budget.                                                                                                                                                                    (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Legal Counsel/Pacific District Risk Manager Report

John Silberstein reminded the board to submit a copy of their club bylaws as well as a list of their club directors as per the SCAHA/CAHA and USAH requirement.


John Silberstein reiterated the USAH helmet rule for coaches. He has been noticing at various rinks, coaches not abiding by this rule and claiming they are on clinic ice and not club ice. He is giving clubs fair warning. SCAHA does have a rule for abuse of this helmet rule and it will be enforced.


John Silberstein informed the board that there has been an increase in spleen injuries. This could be in part due to undetected mono or poorly fitted equipment. USAH’s equipment committee is reviewing this problem and looking into spleen protection. Until then, he is recommending that players have properly sized equipment.


John Silberstein is urging member teams who rent 15 passenger vans for trips to purchase additional auto coverage. USAH does not have auto insurance. And finally, if a club rents out any space (locker, office, etc.) at any facility, USAH does not have liability coverage for any damage to said premises resulting from your rented space. For example if a fire starts in your locker space and then in turn burns down the facility, you are not covered by USA Hockey’s insurance.


LAHOA Report

Brent Tubbs informed the board that the next LAHOA meeting is November 25, 2008 at Burbank. Everyone is welcomed. The schedulers have been finalized and the information is available on the LAHOA web site. Brent informed the board should they ever have any problems they should go to their supervisors or to Brent or to Sandy.  Kevin Culbertson asked if a coach is asked to leave the game is this an automatic game misconduct for the coach? Annie Fisher added that under USA Hockey you can ask a coach to leave the game without giving them a game misconduct. However, under SCAHA’s rules, this is an automatic game misconduct for the coach and should be noted as such on the score sheet.  Brent Tubbs reported that there has been some progress on evaluations this year. This year they have already performed 75 evaluations and have held two classes to train new evaluators. The classes/clinics were held in Anaheim and Valencia. Twenty new evaluators have been trained.


A.C.E. Coordinator

Nancy Hodge informed the board that there is a last series of USAH Coaching certification clinics level 1, 2 and 3 before the deadline of 12/31. The clinics are being held in Oxnard the 5th, 6th and 7th of December. Nancy stated that she is still missing A.C.E. Coordinator information from 6 clubs. The six clubs are; Avalanche, Wild, LAHC, OCH, Eagles and Jaguars.


New Business


Laurie Boaz reported she has received about 131 scholarship assistance applications. The letters will be sent out in the next 10 days. The actual checks will be mailed out in December to the clubs the players are participating on.  The final determinations have not been finalized just yet; however about $17,000 will be distributed in financial assistance.


Laura Ryan asked when the San Diego Officials organization is going to provide the same services as LAHOA. She stated they are paying the same amount as what was negotiated with LAHOA to the San Diego association however; they are not getting the same services. Sandy Blumberg answered that San Diego has asked LAHOA to provide details as to how things are being run. Dan Ellison of San Diego is supposed to meet with Brent Tubbs to go over all the new details.  Sandy Blumberg informed the board that SCAHA has advised San Diego that SCAHA will not be entertaining or negotiating any contracts with San Diego until they demonstrate that they will be providing the same services. SCAHA’s goal is to have this settled by the end of the season.


SCAHA Pre-Select Camp

LeAnn Doherty reported on the SCAHA pre-Select camp. The times are Saturday, Dec. 13 from 8 am-10pm and Sunday, Dec. 14 from 8 am-4pm. She is asking for as many volunteers as possible. Ideally, SCAHA would like to see two evaluators and two coaches from each club volunteering. We also need registration volunteers for check-in and manning the table. No one will be turned away. Also, LeAnn stated that she will not be accepting any waivers from players and will not be accepting any applications after December 1, 2008. In addition, we need shooters for the goalie sessions. Junior players- 19-20 years old are welcome to shoot on the goalies.



LeAnn Doherty reported that she is working with the Kings to complete the patches, tickets, etc. The Ducks CHAMPS has been completed and all of the tickets were distributed.



Steve Laing thanked the board for welcoming him to the meeting. Steve informed the board that if they have any issues they can call him or email him. Steve stated that California’s voice is being heard at the District and National level.  Steve Laing spoke briefly on the USAH Tier I proposal. This topic will be discussed at the CAHA meeting next week as well at the mid-annual USAH meeting in January and it will be voted on at the USAH Annual Congress meeting in June.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm