January 13, 2010




Sandy Blumberg (Deputy Commissioner), Bob Driffill (Treasurer), Rosemary Voulelikas (Secretary), Wendy Goldstein (Member Services), Annie Fisher (Statistician), Chris Carcerano (Ice Convener), John Silberstein (Parliamentarian) and Kevin Culbertson (Director-at-Large).











Anaheim Junior Ducks



Los Angeles Jr. Kings



Anaheim Wildcats



LA Hockey Club



California Wave



OC Hockey Club



Bakersfield Dragons



Ontario Eagles



Bay Harbor Red Wings



Pasadena Maple Leafs



Beach City Lightning



San Diego Gulls



California Golden Bears



San Diego Ice Arena



California Stars



San Diego Saints



Channel Islands Riptide



Valencia Express



Jr. Reign



Ventura Mariners



La Jolla Jaguars



West Valley Wolves


Guests Present

Chris Crotty – LA Kings Fan Development

Norm Kitano – LAHOA


Sandy Blumberg called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.



There was a correction to the November 11, 2009 minutes; the Valencia Express was present at the meeting. Michael Kettlekamp motioned to accept the minutes as amended,

                                                                                                 (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Commissioner’s Report

Sandy Blumberg introduced Chris Crotty, Manager of LA Kings Fan Development to speak briefly. Chris Crotty summarized some of the programs available for fundraising:

1. Kings Assist Program available up until end of regular season April 10

2. Group Leaders get playoff priority

3. Deadline for the 500 mark tickets sold contest is January 31, 2010.

4. King’s Champs ticket information has been sent to the CHAMPS coordinators. Order deadline is January 25 and it can be done online.

5. March 14 In-house Round robin Mite tournament at Staples Center

6. Youth Hockey Day is Saturday, March 27

7. NHL draft at Staples Center free admittance


Sandy Blumberg reported on behalf of Bob Doherty who is absent. Sandy asked the presidents to submit items for point of emphasis for officials to consider for next season for discussion at the next meeting; for example, the items could be checking from behind, head contact, etc. The February meeting has been moved to February 17, 2010. The location will be emailed at a later date. The CAHA board meeting is on Saturday February 6, 2010. If there are any items you would like to have placed on the agenda please email Sandy or Bob Doherty. This year is an election year for the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner positions. If interested please contact Sandy Blumberg or Bob Doherty.


Sandy Blumberg informed the board that she will be putting together a Bylaws/Rules Changes committee. All interested parties should contact Sandy.


Sandy Blumberg expanded on the Mite in-house tournament Chris Crotty spoke about. She suggested that the presidents create a flyer to distribute to their membership and specifically if they have a mini-mite program. This is a golden opportunity for clubs to work on increasing their membership. And finally, Sandy Blumberg asked to see the following clubs after the meeting; the Ducks, the Red Wings, LA Hockey, the Jr. Reign, the Stars and Bakersfield.


Staff Reports

Member Services – Wendy Goldstein informed the board that she does not have the final numbers for the player fees because she does not yet have the final B rosters. Once she has them she will be emailing the clubs those amounts. She informed the board that any outstanding amounts will need to be paid asap in order for clubs to maintain playoff eligibility.


Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano thanked all the coaches, evaluators and volunteers who assisted with the SCAHA Select Camp. The SCAHA Select camp was very successful. Chris Carcerano tried to get all clubs to participate in the process but unfortunately forcing clubs to send at least one coach did not work. Clubs that had no representation at the select camp have only themselves to blame. Chris stated that he will be updating sportability with all the changes in the schedule with regards to added games, Tier games re-scheduled, etc.


The SCAHA playoff bid packets were already sent out to the clubs and rinks. He has already received two bids. SCAHA’s goal is to try and keep the entry fee at the same cost as last year. The trophies, banners, etc. have all been set in motion.


Statistician – Annie Fisher informed the board she sent out the penalty minutes to all the clubs earlier today.  Annie asked the board to keep an eye out for the information needed for the playoff books. Standard items will be asked. For example; team photos, team rosters and hockey grams. Once again they will be selling advertising space in the program and that information will also be included.


Treasurer’s Report

Bob Driffill distributed the financial statements dated December 31, 2009.


A.C.E. Coordinator

No report at this time.



No report at this time.



Sandy Blumberg distributed the proposed LAHOA contract for the 2010-2011 and the 2011-2012 seasons. Sandy Blumberg informed the board that one of the items they are trying to do for next year is to include Tier I for a variety of reasons. Tier I players even though are governed by CAHA, they are still members of SCAHA by way of their clubs since all socal clubs participating in travel must be a SCAHA member club. SCAHA manages player movement for clubs ensuring that Tier I players are financially free and clear before they show up on another SCAHA member club’s Tier I team. At times, CAHA will ask SCAHA to hold hearings for SCAHA Tier I players. Currently SCAHA Tier I players are not eligible to participate in the SCAHA financial scholarship program and we would like to change that. In addition, the proposal is attempting to standardize the Tier I games with respect to period lengths, officials rates, etc. Sandy Blumberg went through the proposed LAHOA contract.


Section: Accountability / Program Development and Improvement

Bullet point #3 is relatively new and bullet point #4 slightly new. The reasoning behind bullet point #4 is to avoid requests for removal of officials because they had a bad game. The violation needs to be egregious, one that violates the USA Hockey’s Code of conduct for officials. Rosemary Voulelikas motioned to approve the Accountability / Program Development and Improvement section as presented in the 2010-2012 proposed LAHOA contract (two seasons).                                                                                                          (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Sections: Services Provided and General Conditions /  Independent Contractors

Bullet point #2 refers to SCAHA events only. It does not refer to non SCAHA events. Rosemary Voulelikas motioned to accept the Services Provided and General Conditions section as well as the Independent Contractors section as presented in the 2010-2012 proposed LAHOA contract (two seasons).                                                                          (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Section: Fees

Bullet point #1 tabled until later.

Bullet point #2 and #3 has new verbiage that includes Midget Tier I games. It defines the length of the games for purposes of standardization of the Midget Tier I games. Bullet point #4 is really nothing new. The single game fee is finally being defined on paper. Rosemary Voulelikas asked if the single game fee is strictly dependent on the time slots and not on the level of the officials. Norm Kitano confirmed that the definition of single game fee is regarding the back to back game slots and gaps between them and has nothing to do with the way schedulers are scheduling the officials. The last bullet point #10 is new. Payment of officials must be mailed to the official within 14 days of the game completed or receipt of said paperwork. Rosemary Voulelikas motioned to accept the Fees section of the proposed 2010-2012 LAHOA contract (two seasons) excluding the Game Fees Tables of the attached addendum and with the following changes to read Midget Tier I to have three-(3) 17 minute stop time periods and an ice cut to be included after the start of the game.                                                         

(motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Section: Playoffs / Exclusivity / Evergreen

Rosemary Voulelikas asked for clarification regarding the exclusivity section that this does not limit clubs from requesting a two-man system for tournaments and/or exhibition games. In addition, are clubs flexible to contract another scheduler for a tournament they may be hosting if they are not able to come to an agreement with their current scheduler regarding the two-man system and/or fees? Norm Kitano answered yes clubs are flexible to request a two-man system for tournaments and yes to the use of another scheduler if an agreement cannot be reached. Rosemary Voulelikas motioned to accept the Playoffs section as proposed in the 2010-2012 LAHOA contract with the change for the second bullet to read LAHOA will assign venue supervisors if requested to all rounds of playoffs with fees not covered by this contract and to accept the Exclusivity and Evergreen sections as proposed.                   

(motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Addendum: Schedule of fees


Table 1: Game Fees

The proposed schedule of fees has not changed for the Mites, Squirts, PW, BN and Midget divisions. The increases occur starting with the PW AA division and up.  The proposed increase in the rates for these divisions is to correct the misalignment of the linesmen and referee rates that have existed for the last several years. The previous linesmen and referee rates for these divisions were so lopsided. Basically, the PW AA increased overall by $4; the BN AA/PW AAA increased by $9 and the Midget AA/BN AAA increased by $2.


Table 2: Single Game Fees

The contract is proposing to increase the single game fee to $8 in lieu of $5. The single game fee is to discourage clubs in splitting their ices and forcing them to consolidate their ice slots. There was some discussion as to why the $3 increase? Norm Kitano stated that the single game fee is not very common. Lilly Liu stated that sometimes the availability of the club ice and/or the SCAHA schedule does not allow for all game slots to be used and there will be empty slots and single game fees charged to clubs. Rosemary Voulelikas motioned to accept the proposed Table 1: Game Fees and the proposed Table 2: Single Game / Travel Fees with the change to have the single game fee to remain at $5 and not $8 per official.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Table 3: Scheduling Administration Fees

Sandy Blumberg clarified that this is the scheduling fee that SCAHA pays to LAHOA directly and it is paid from the player fees. The contract is proposing a slight scheduling fee increase for each SCAHA team (A/B & Tier II) from $85 to $88.50 per SCAHA team. In addition, the contract is proposing a standardized scheduling rate for Tier I teams at $175 per Tier I team. Rosemary Voulelikas asked why so high? Bridget Hopkinson stated that the $175 includes for 20 home games scheduled. Rob Freeman stated that each of the Tier I clubs pay their scheduler a scheduling fee for their home games, whether the club pays it as part of their dues or the individual Tier I teams pay it. Sandy Blumberg recommended tabling Table 3 until the next SCAHA meeting.


Table 4: Exhibition and Late Game Scheduling Fees

Sandy Blumberg stated that the only increases are the following:

·         for less than 48 hours notice increase of $5 – fee is $15 per game

·         for less than 24 hours notice increase of $10 – fee is $25 per game 

Sandy Blumberg asked if the game scheduling fee of $8 per game was there before or if this is something new? Norm Kitano stated that these are the exhibition games that the Tier teams schedule and on occasion the A/B team’s schedule and that this is nothing new.


Rosemary Voulelikas asked Norm Kitano what does the scheduling fee of $88.50 for Tier II teams cover. Table 4 tabled until the next SCAHA meeting.


Louis Soltero motioned to have the Tier I teams of the SCAHA member clubs pay a $30 per player fee.                                                                          (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Meeting adjourned at 9:04 pm