April 14, 2010




Robert Doherty (Commissioner), Sandy Blumberg (Deputy Commissioner), Wendy Goldstein (Member Services), Bob Driffill (Treasurer), Nancy Hodge (ACE Coordinator), Rosemary Voulelikas (Secretary) and Kevin Culbertson (Director-at-Large).











Anaheim Junior Ducks



Los Angeles Jr. Kings



Anaheim Wildcats



LA Hockey Club



California Wave



OC Hockey Club



Bakersfield Dragons



Ontario Eagles



Bay Harbor Red Wings



Pasadena Maple Leafs



Beach City Lightning



San Diego Gulls



California Golden Bears



San Diego Ice Arena



California Stars



San Diego Saints



Channel Islands Riptide



Valencia Express



Jr. Reign



Ventura Mariners/Titans



La Jolla Jaguars



West Valley Wolves/Heat









Norm Kitano – LAHOA


Robert Doherty called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.



Laura Ryan motioned to approve the minutes of the March 10, 2010 meeting.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Commissioner’s Report

Robert Doherty thanked the host rinks/clubs for doing a great job with the SCAHA playoffs. There were 17 different teams represented in the SCAHA playoffs and not one club dominated. From all appearances, it looks like SCAHA clubs are getting healthier and stronger.


The CAHA state playoffs saw SCAHA and Norcal split the division championships. SCAHA won 4 division titles and Norcal won 4 division titles. Congratulations to OCHC MD AA16U for winning the Tier II 16U national title in their conference.


The Tier II Weekend bid packages are available to download on the CAHA web site. Please have you rinks bid. The deadline is May 15, 2010.


Norm Kitano confirmed that the scheduling fee of $175/team for the Midget Tier I teams includes for 15 home games for each Midget Tier I team. Bridget Hopkinson motioned to accept the $175 per Midget Tier I team scheduling fee of Table 3 of the proposed LAHOA contract.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Deputy Commissioner’s Report

Sandy Blumberg thanked everyone for a great job hosting the SCAHA playoffs. The playoffs in general ran very smoothly. The state playoffs for the most part went very well as well.


This Saturday, the SCAHA rules committee will be meeting to work on rule proposals for next season. SCAHA will not be working on the bylaws until later in June. The SCAHA proposed rule

changes will be presented at the next board meeting. CAHA’s Youth Council will be meeting on May 22. And as always, some of the SCAHA proposals may need to be amended after the CAHA board meeting in June for rules that are not aligned between the league and the state.



Norm Kitano thanked all the clubs for how well the season ran this year. He is looking forward to continuing the partnership between LAHOA and SCAHA and to keeping the lines of communication open. They are going to highly recommend that officials start at 2nd year Pee Wee.


Staff Reports

Member Services – Wendy Goldstein reminded the board that the letters to the delinquent families need to go out by tomorrow. She needs the list by the end of the week. The league wide delinquency list will be updated every Friday during the tryouts. The list will be on the web site for administrators only and will be the most current update.

Wendy urged the presidents to have at least one representative form each club present at the next board meeting. She will be distributing the SCAHA LOIs.


Ice Convener – Chris Carcerano absent. No report at this time.


Statistician – Annie Fisher absent. Nancy Hodge informed the board that the statistics for the 2009-2010 season should be available after this weekend.


Treasurer’s Report

Bob Driffill distributed the financial statements dated March 31, 2010 to the board. Any questions, please contact Bob Driffill. Bob Driffill stated that the Heat and the Stars still owe a balance on the player fees for this past season and will need to clear that ASAP in order to receive the SCAHA LOI’s. The net income at this time is a positive at $172. We still have to account for the playoff revenues and expenses.

                                                                                                (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


No report at this time.


A.C.E. Coordinator

Nancy Hodge distributed to each of the club presidents the 2010-2011 Coaching education requirements for each level. Nancy Hodge reminded the board that she is still missing copies of the coaches’ cards as per the list she distributed at the last board meeting. The first series of coaching clinics is scheduled for July 23, 24 and 25th in Valencia for Levels 1, 2 and 3.


Starting next year 2011-2012 you will only be able to certify for one class/level per year and you will have to take age specific ADM classes for the level you are coaching. Coaches with existing levels will be grandfathered in but will be required to take age specific ADM classes for the level they are coaching. For example if you have a non expired Level 3 coaching certification and you will be coaching Bantams, then you will have to take a Bantam ADM class. These classes will mostly be available online. You can move to Level 4 only in your fifth year of coaching but you must have attained it in your 9th year of coaching. In other words, coaches will not be able to remain at the same level indefinitely. You will only be able to recertify twice online.


Level 4 clinics will be held in Las Vegas, August 19-22 at the Stratosphere Hotel. The clinics run for 4 days. The hotel rooms will cost you $50/night. You can register for the July clinics online at Unfortunately, the Level 4 clinic is not available for registration online at this time.


Sandy Blumberg informed the board that Nancy Hodge has accepted the position of the CAHA Tier II Commission.


New Business

Robert Doherty reminded the board that if clubs are merging with another club and will be changing

their jerseys, names, etc; they must submit their proposals to SCAHA for approval. There is a 

SCAHA bylaw that states one club and one name. In addition, the SCAHA Bylaw states that the

deadline to notify change of jersey is June 1st.


The college scholarship forms are available online. There are two $1000 scholarships stemming

from the CHAMPS program from each of the NHL teams (Kings and Ducks) and there are

three $1000 college Carmen Starr scholarships.


Rosemary Voulelikas reminded the board that the CAHA nominations for the CAHA director

positions are due April 27, 2010. In addition, Rosemary Voulelikas advised the board that the

Pacific District is looking for District bids. And finally, the District’s elections for the open District

Director position is due April 30, 2010. Do not forget to cast your ballot.


Old Business

Robert Doherty informed the board that there will be a link on the SCAHA web site and every

SCAHA player will be able to register for 4 free tickets to the NHL Draft on June 25. SCAHA

Will have a booth on Friday and will need many of the club presidents to help man the booth.

Laura Ryan mentioned that many of the club administrators and players will be at tryouts on that

day. Louis Soltero motioned to move the start of the 2010 A/B tryouts to Saturday, June 26.

                                                                                                            (motion SECONDED and PASSED)


Robert Doherty encouraged the board to inform their coaches of the NHL coaches’ clinic being

offered by the NHL. This is a once in a year opportunity where the NHL coaches from many of

the NHL teams will be giving a coaches’ classroom type setting clinic. It will be held on the

Wednesday before the draft, at a hotel in downtown LA (location TBD) from 7 am – 5 pm. The cost

Is anywhere from $250/$300 per participant.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:18 pm.